The Queen's Anniversary Prize The Queen's Anniversary Prize

The University of East Anglia's has been awarded a Queen's Anniversary Prize for Further and Higher Education. This is the UK's most prestigious HE award, given to those who can demonstrate outstanding work at a world-class level.

As a prizewinner, the University of East Anglia is entitled to use the logo of The Queen's Anniversary Prizes for a period of four years (until 30 November 2021) on all publicity material, eg on websites, stationery, in publications, ads, display boards, etc.


Main rules of use:

- The logo must not be displayed in any way which might compromise the dignity associated with a national honour

- The logo must not be reproduced in repetitive form

- The logo must not be used or incorporated in a trademark, other logo or emblem

- The logo must not be displayed as a design on clothing

- The logo must at all times be reproduced exactly as in the master artwork provided and without modification

- The responsibility for ensuring conformity with the master artwork lies with the prizewinning institutions

- The logo is Crown Copyright

For further definition and clarification please contact the Royal Anniversary Trust directly. Amendments to the rules may be made by the Royal Anniversary Trust at any time.

All logos are available and can be downloaded from our Asset Bank.

Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

Who is entitled to display the logo? Prize-winning institutions in the current and the preceding round.

How long can the logo be displayed by the institution? For a period of four years from the time of the presentation of the award.Thus a prize-winner receiving an award in February 2010 may display the logo until February 2014.

What if we were a prize-winner in the previous round? You would add "2011" as well as "2009" to the logo. 

Can the logo be reproduced on the institution’s promotional literature? Yes.

Can the logo be used on the institution’s website? Yes.

Can the logo appear in advertisements? Yes.


Holders of the prize are required to notify The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes Office of any change in their circumstances e.g. amalgamation or a change of the name of the institution.

Permission to display the logo does not confer any right of licence to reproduce in any form the prize-winners' certificate or medal, except with the prior written permission of the Royal Anniversary Trust.