University of East Anglia's logos and brand guidelines University of East Anglia's logos and brand guidelines


Our brand is our identity. It's who we are, what we do and what we stand for. We've put together some brand guidelines to help you use it across a variety of different formats and publications. If you want to know more about our brand, please email


Our lead logo’s classic design is bold, confident, and complements our modern visual identity. The logo must appear on every communication we create. It captures the University's creative spirit and is a visual shorthand across all our publications.

If you want to use the UEA logo, it is important you know how to use it properly. Please read the logo guidelines before you apply it to UEA publications and marketing material. Once you're familiar with the guidelines, you can download logos straight from our Asset Bank.


University of East Anglia's logos, coat of arms, crest, shield and glint along with the words "University of East Anglia", the initials "UEA" and other trademarks or distinguishing signs are owned by UEA. Please do not use these registered or unregistered trademarks, or others displayed on UEA's website, without the owners written constent. If you have a trademark query, please email

The Queens Anniversary Guide


To help us manage CMA and ASA risks, we now require disclaimers to be used in our major printed collateral. These can be downloaded from our Asset Bank.