Social science students endorsements Social science students endorsements

"The structure of the course is such that it allows you opportunities in your second and third years to decide which areas to specialise in, and even gives you the option to study an 'outside' subject such as a language."
Ben Higgins, Business Management

"The facilities on campus are excellent. I am particularly impressed with the library and computing facilities which I am able to access from home."
Peter Eastwood, Law

"The University has far surpassed my expectations. There is a genuine friendly atmosphere that is demonstrated by all staff members."
Lydia Wanjiru Munyi, International Development

"I chose to do my PGCE at UEA as it was widely known to be one of the most innovative and hands-on teacher training institutions."
Johannes Ahrenfelt, PGCE Graduate

"Options are limitless with a degree of this sort from such a good and highly regarded university."
Joe Carlin, BSc Accounting and Finance

"I had the best three years of my life at UEA studying Business Management. The course and the lecturers were fantastic and the social life was even better."
Claire Mackenzie, BSc Business Management

"After visiting various universities, the University of East Anglia quickly became my first choise for a variety of reasons: a flexible course, excellent reputation and friendly campus feel. I can honestly say I was never disappointed with my decision both academically and socially. I met my wife, formed many friendships and was able to establish a career using skills I had learnt."
Tom Cubitt, BA Economics Graduate, now Senior Vice-President at Bank of America

"The standard of teaching, accompanied by the approachability of the staff, made studying at UEA a very rewarding experience – so much so that I am back for my MSc!"
Darren Rice, Economics Graduate

"The teaching methods and content were useful because they were practical and relevant to my career choice. Also, the lecturers were accessible and helpful."
Katie Robinson, Economics Graduate

"The atmosphere here has been superb from day one. I can honestly say that there is nowhere else I would really want to study. The University of East Anglia and Norwich are outstanding."
Neil Dobson, Economics Graduate

"At the University of East Anglia, I developed relationships with a number of leading academic economists – useful contacts which I maintain to this day."
Shaun Day, Economics Graduate

"The BA in Educational Studies is a varied and interesting degree which introduces you to the many aspects of education. The contribution of sociology and psychology, along with the opportunity to carry out research, and experience areas such as animation and podcasting, make this an exciting and thoroughly enjoyable course. I highly recommend it."
Laura McCarthy, BA Educational Studies

"A really friendly department with stimulating lectures and supportive staff."
Karl Anton, BA Educational Studies

"Studying international development has made me keenly aware of the social, political, economic and environmental forces that are transforming our world. More importantly, it has also given me a real sense of personal responsibility to continue to learn and share what I have learned, in order to make a positive difference. I cannot recommend this course highly enough."
David Rubyan Ling, BA International Development

"As part of my course I went to Fiji, both to study and conduct research towards my dissertation. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seriously considering a career working for an international development, humanitarian or human rights NGO, as the programme offers a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in the sector."
Eleanor Hevey, BA International Development, now Advocacy and Communications Coordinator and acting Press Officer at Human Rights Watch

"The advantage first and foremost is gaining a good degree from a good university."
Alyssia Rosiak, LLB Law

"In my first year, I had the opportunity to take part in a well-established internal mooting competition. This enabled me to hone legal research and oral communication skills… the skills acquired demonstrate attributes many law firms look for in their applicants."
Lucy Pegler, Law

"The Law School is a brilliant place to study as the law degree is excellently taught and the lecturers are always on hand to give guidance and support. Studying here gave me a fantastic start to my legal career."
Nicola Daniels, LLB Law and Times/Lloyds TSB Graduate of the Year 2007

"The year I spent in the USA was probably the best year I ever had in education. It has often been a talking point in job interviews and no doubt helped me get where I am today: an associate solicitor in the Disputes Resolution Department of the City of London Office of Baker & McKenzie, one of the world's largest law firms."
Richard Pike, Law Graduate

"I am enjoying the PE and Sport degree because I'm getting the chance to experience all sorts of activities. Add to this the vast amount I'm learning about PE and Sport and you've got an excellent programme that I'd recommend to anyone."
Graham Stark, Physical Education and Sport

"Psychology has taught me a lot about myself, as well as people around me. It was a stimulating and engaging programme and modules in child observation and developmental psychology have equipped me well for my career as a teacher."
Joanna Lilley, Psychology Graduate

"From the development of children to what makes criminals tick, the range of topics covered provides three years of lectures that really will hold your attention as well as a solid foundation for any people-related job."
Claire Stuart, Social Work and Psychology Graduate

"I've learnt an immense amount – not just knowledge, skills and research, but how to think critically and creatively as a social worker. I now feel confident and excited about beginning my career."
Clea Barry, Social Work