Science students endorsements Science students endorsements

"UEA is a campus university and offers the best standard of accommodation that I have ever seen."
Khusro Ali Khan, Mathematics Graduate

"I've always been interested in the minutiae of how cells work, which is why I find biochemistry so fascinating. What I like about this course is how you get a broad introduction to the subject, and then get to specialise in the parts you're most interested in."
Sue Butcher, Biochemistry Graduate

"The University has a brilliant reputation - its research is world class, it scores very highly each year for student satisfaction and the campus is very friendly and relaxed."
Luke Gardner, Biochemistry

"For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed science - especially biology. That is why I chose to study biology at degree level. UEA was welcoming and friendly when I came to visit and it seemed only natural that I should choose to study here. UEA helped me to continue my enjoyment of biology."
Andrew Bayliss, Biological Sciences Graduate

"I liked UEA so much I stayed to do a PhD. The BSc Chemistry course gave me the opportunity to travel, something very few other universities offered at the time. My year in Massachusetts opened my eyes to a different culture and I made some really good friends there."
Kim Sapsford, Postdoctoral Researcher in the USA, BSc Chemistry and PhD in Physical Analytical Chemistry

"The mix of modules really made me think, and I did some interesting pieces of coursework. My final year project examined the processes small businesses go through to acquire software."
Will Pook, Business Information Systems Graduate

"The year abroad programme took me to New York. The experience was incredibly rewarding and broadened my horizons in the academic environment. It's a once in a lifetime chance to travel and study."
Chris Ellison, Environmental Geophysics

"This course has allowed me to develop my independent research skills and has made me more inquisitive about many global issues. My subject knowledge and openness to new ideas has been greatly expanded."
Ruth Burton, Faculty of Science Graduate

"I found the course thoroughly enjoyable. Lecturers are friendly and easily accessible for any problems. There is plenty of opportunity in the second and third years to choose the direction your degree takes."
Katie Watts, Mathematics

"The School of Mathematics is one of the smallest in the University, but is probably the friendliest. The lecturers are very approachable and are always willing to help with any problems that you may be having, both course-related and anything outside of lectures."
Ryan Homes, President of MathSoc

"The School of Mathematics allowed me to mix with fellow students and make useful, friendly and frequent contact with my lecturers. This helped me achieve my full potential and motivated me to take my studies further. The lecture courses offered in Mathematics covered a broad range of subjects, which matched my own interests. Courses were given by exceptional lecturers, themselves experts in the specific subject area."
Simon Kirby, Mathematics Graduate, now studying for a PhD at UEA

"My degree has been a life changing journey. The maths department is very friendly and so you are never alone with a challenge. Spending my third year in Sydney gave me the opportunity to experience a different culture whilst learning."
Emma Shepherd, Mathematics Graduate

"I chose Natural Sciences because of the flexibility you get with the many module choices. I wanted to do a degree that covered a broad area of topics, that I could tailor to my interests."
Elizabeth Francis, Natural Sciences

"The staff help you to prepare yourself for the world of pharmacy, introducing students to all aspects of the subject and highlighting the importance of professionalism. We have also been exposed to the cutting edge of research and feel very confident in facing the future."
Denise Rosembert, Pharmacy Graduate

"I thought pharmacy would be an exciting, challenging career and this has proved to be the case here at the University of East Anglia. The course is innovative and the staff encourage us to achieve our full potential. I would strongly recommend this course to future students."
Janay Balich, MPharm Pharmacy

"The Science Foundation year enabled me to attain a high level of understanding in all sciences, giving me a sound basis for my degree."
Kelly Barrett, Ecology

"The Science Foundation degree has allowed me to progress on to the Pharmacy course at UEA. When I started, I had no science background, my mathematical skills were poor and my self confidence was low but with support from the staff and an awful lot of hard work, I have succeeded. The Science Foundation degree has allowed me to accomplish so much more than I thought I was capable of."
Patricia Fielding, Pharmacy