Humanities students' endorsements Humanities students' endorsements

"The wide range of books in the library means I always have the information I need when I need it. The staff members are really helpful too, which makes the whole essay writing process a lot easier."
Amanda Goodyear, Art History

"Many employers have expressed interest in my year abroad experiences in interviews, and I now feel more independent, experienced and ready for anything."
Kirsten Irving, Year Abroad: Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

"My year abroad at Tulane in New Orleans was the best experience I've ever had."
Kirsten Irving, Year Abroad: Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I had one of the best years of my life thus far. Going to Berkeley, learning why it is so respected and admired was probably one of the single best decisions I have ever made. Opportunities felt limitless. A large part of this I owe to being a lucky recipient of the Arthur Miller award."
Harriet Pile, Year Abroad: University of California, Berkeley

"With the help of the scholarship I was able to spend one year of my degree in Missouri. I will always remember this experience and I am glad I did not have to pass it by."
Jacqui Burgoyne, Year Abroad: Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri

"The year abroad offers fantastic opportunities. As part of mine, I arranged an internship in the US House of Representatives."
Emma Colthup, Year Abroad: Georgetown University, Washington DC

"A lovely, friendly university in a beautiful country setting . . . the courses are diverse and flexible and the art department, blessed with the Sainsbury Gallery, is small and friendly."
Zoe Cullum, History of Art Graduate

"The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is the gallery attached to the School, which contains excellent collections of works of art from all over the world. I thought it would broaden my horizon in the understanding of art, and indeed, it did."
Taeko Omuro, History of Art Graduate

"The University had an incredibly supportive atmosphere in which one could succeed and experiment. Now that I am on a clear career path, it is easier for me to see how the skills I use every day are those that were developed and nurtured at the University."
Becky Barber, BA Drama, now Production Administrator, Old Vic Productions

"I had some high expectations of what uni life would be like, but having been here, I can honestly say that in reality it surpassed them all! It's been more challenging and more fun than I could have ever expected."
Joe Wright, English Literature and Drama

"The English department is endearing, full of intelligence and utterly eccentric. I am completely in love with it."
Catherine Lansdown, Literature Graduate

"UEA reflects the diverse nature of English literature in both course content and within the student body. English students are friendly, relaxed people who have a wide range of interests which the University caters for by offering free choice modules from other degree courses."
Alan Stratford, English and American Literature

"My year abroad was fantastic. The screenwriting and film aspects in California are exceptional."
Duncan McIntosh, Film and American Studies graduate, winner Best Feature for his screenplay at the 51st Annual UCI Screenwriting Festival

"Being an undergraduate student in the School of History was a wonderful experience. The variety of modules and the dedicated, enthusiastic teaching was challenging and truly rewarding."
Sarah Power, History Graduate

"History at UEA is diverse, catering to all however they wish to approach the subject. The accessible enthusiastic ‘world class' teaching staff are the key ingredient, and the friendly campus environment combine to create the perfect surroundings to develop historical understanding and enjoy your time as an undergraduate."
Catherine Tremain, History Graduate

"I wanted to come to a campus university, and when I came to UEA for an Open Day, I really loved the relaxed, friendly atmosphere. My lecturers are always helpful and the standard of teaching is excellent. After a broad general introduction to history in the first year, I liked the fact that I could choose from a wide range of modules around the subject, and tailor my degree to suit my own interests."
Ceri Imber, History Graduate

"Studying abroad changed my whole outlook on life and opened my eyes to another lifestyle."
Siobhán Moran, International Studies

"The department is set apart by both the approachability of teaching staff and its use of innovative teaching methods, which combine to make PSI a fantastic department which equips its graduates with skills that extend far beyond the reach of its academic focus." 
David Stobart, Politics

"This degree has given me a wonderful opportunity to taste different areas such as film and politics. I would definitely recommend this course to others."
Sharla Ansett, BA Society, Culture and Media

"I enjoyed my course very much because it allowed me to combine different elements from literature and politics."
Emily Harmer, BA Culture, Literature and Politics

"My degree in French has been invaluable for my work, not only for the language abilities it taught me, but also for the general disciplined writing and research skills I acquired during my four years of study."
Bonita de Boer, Modern Languages Graduate

"Although the management part of my degree provided me with business knowledge, it was skills learnt in the School of Language and Communication Studies which were key to me getting a place on the Ford graduate scheme." 
Nicola Murphy, Languages with Management Studies Graduate

"My fourth year was the most challenging but this also made it the best year. Choose a course with subjects you are passionate about, something that makes you tick, and you will reap the rewards. I loved every class and worked hard to get good results."
Alice Marshall-Chalk, Translation and Interpreting Graduate

"I chose to study at UEA because I wanted a campus university with a friendly atmosphere in a medium-sized vibrant city. The course itself and the teaching was excellent and has made me even more passionate about modern languages than ever before."
Zoe Bond, Translation and Interpreting, French and Spanish

"I have been taught by the most dedicated and supportive lecturers and staff, without whose help I wouldn't have achieved what I did."
Fran Pearson, Music Graduate

"I really enjoy working and recording in the studio, singing in the choir, playing in the jazz workshops, and playing percussion and timpani in the UEA Symphony Orchestra… and that's not even half the things that go on here."
Ibrahim Sidede, Music

"I had not done philosophy before, but any uncertainties were soon dispelled by the friendly atmosphere of the School and the extremely helpful members of staff who made me feel at home."
Jessica Woolley, recent Philosopy Graduate

"I really enjoyed my joint degree in Philosophy and Literature, as I was able to bring my philosophical studies to bear on a diverse range of subjects, including film, literature and mental health. The School is not very big, so you immediately feel a part of it."
Laura Cook, Philosophy and Literature Graduate

"UEA is a fantastic place to study and Norwich is a beautiful city in which to live. I wouldn't change anything about my degree or my university experience, except to wish myself back to the beginning when I had it all to look forward to. Leaving UEA is the saddest thing that has happened to me!"
Caroline Lagden, Philosophy Graduate