A selection of quotes about the University from alumni A selection of quotes about the University from alumni

Below is a selection of quotes about the University from alumni:

"I had the time of my life studying at UEA and I have so many wonderful memories and lifelong friends from my years in Norwich.” Wayne Barnes, UEA law graduate, barrister and international rugby union referee

“The people who you graduate with may end up being your closest friends for the rest of your lives. You will have shared so many experiences, memories and emotions with each other that you will always have a special bond. If you promise yourself one thing, it should be to ensure that you continue to build on those friendships, making new memories and supporting each other as you embark on the next step of your journey.” Wayne Barnes, UEA law graduate, barrister and international rugby union referee

“The UEA experience was life changing for a young, newly married American student. It allowed me to meet and work with internationally acclaimed scholars and begin almost at once a rigorous research agenda in numerous archives in both West and East Germany and in England.” Professor Abraham Peck, UEA Master’s in Philosophy, internationally acclaimed author, professor and human rights activist

“My undergraduate studies at UEA were a great foundation for my career at the Met Office, and I look forward to working with the University to encourage aspiring scientists in the future.” Rob Varley, UEA graduate and the chief executive of the Met Office

“I am both delighted and honoured to become an Honorary Visiting Fellow within a School that I regard very much as my academic ‘home’. The School has a long history of being at the very pinnacle of social work training and research and it is very exciting for me to become involved in such a practical way.” Dr Hugh Milroy, UEA Masters and PhD graduate and Honorary Visiting Fellow in the School of Social Work, a former RAF Wing Commander and Gulf war veteran and chief executive of Veterans Aid since 2005.

“I am delighted to contribute something back to the University and community that generously offered me a university place some 40 years ago and the enjoyment of helping the next generation of bright schoolchildren and students in East Anglia.” David Tibble, UEA graduate, entrepreneur, philanthropist who generously funds UEA’s Medical Aspirations programme

"My time at UEA taught me how to look at problems in different ways. The teaching was highly creative and never dull. I often use the knowledge I gained in my current working life. It was definitely a formative experience." Brian Caplen, Editor, The Banker

"I am immensely proud to hold an honorary doctorate from UEA and was thrilled beyond measure to see the recent survey which found UEA students to be amongst the happiest and to enjoy the best lifestyle and student experience in the whole of the UK. Part of the University's high quality is to be found in its famed atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, diversity and - if I can call it such - raffish Bohemian variety and larky sense of fun and frolics... You're a student at one of the best institutions in the world. Go out and have fun." Stephen Fry, 2012, endorsing the LGBT+ Student Experience Report

"It wasn't just the drama course that I learned from at UEA: it was the University Choir, the Drama SOC, the Minotaur theatre company, the visiting artists, busking on the streets of Norwich (I made about £18), the opportunity to do additional courses in the music school and the English school.  I don't remember sitting still for the whole of my third year.  All these things have been great preparation for a busy life in the arts." Gareth Malone, drama graduate, musician (ENO, Philharmonia Orchestra), LSO Chorus Master, conductor on BBC series The Choir

Studying Drama at the University of East Anglia Norwich, I had to fit music into my spare time. But I was always in the university choir and started composing music for theatre productions. Gareth Malone, drama graduate, musician (ENO, Philharmonia Orchestra), LSO Chorus Master, conductor on BBC series The Choir 

 "I started in business at UEA where I launched club nights in Norwich while DJing at the Pirate Radio Station LWR in London. UEA allowed me to develop my ideas, meet like-minded individuals and drink lots of tea in the coffee shop while exploring these different ideas. I started co-managing bands in 1992 including Rebel MC and Shut Up And Dance. This led to the start up of a PR agency called Media Village. Under the umbrella of Media Village we worked with artists from Jamiroquai to Loose Ends. From this we decided to launch our own record label, Outcaste Records. This was a British Asian music label home to the artists Nitin Sawhney and Badmarsh & Shri. Relentless formed in 1999 and bumped into the explosion of UK Garage, launching the careers of Craig David, Artful Dodger and So Solid Crew. Relentless was also home to Joss Stone, KT Tunstall and today Roll Deep and You Me At Six, to name a few. Today I'm President of Virgin Records which has to its name acts Robbie Williams, Deadmau5 and Professor Green, among many others. Shabs Jobanputra, President of Virgin Records UK

I love Norwich. Great city, but not too big - great pubs and clubs plus a brilliant live music and comedy scene which I got obsessed with. Plenty of radio stations too that I pestered for work experience! Greg James, drama graduate, currently presenting the Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1

"I had a brilliant time at UEA, I loved every minute of my course and my time at the student radio station was fantastic and set me up so well for my chosen career path. Norwich is a wonderful city too, friendly, full of things to do, great for gigs and small enough not to feel too lost! Greg James, drama graduate, currently presenting the Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1

"UEA was where it all started really and the three years I spent there I loved. Norfolk is really nice and Norwich is a brilliant place. It is small but that's part of the beauty of it, because there is still so much to get involved in and the music scene is great." Greg James, drama graduate, currently presenting the Drivetime show on BBC Radio 1

"I liked the course and it had a good reputation. I was invited for an audition and came to Norwich for that. I had a wander around and fell in love with it! I like the fact it's a campus university, with all the little shops and everything nearby and I could live near all my mates! It was exactly what I wanted." Greg James on why he decided to study drama at the University of East Anglia (Reach magazine)

"My year at UEA was one of the best of my life." Ian McEwan, UEA graduate and Booker Prize winner 

"My time at UEA was a big step in my career as a writer. It forced me to take writing seriously, and to change the direction of my life. Without it I would probably still be working 9-5 in an office." Tracy Chevalier, novelist 

"Going to university is as much about meeting new people as it is about learning. I definitely met some interesting people at UEA who have been central to what I have done since. Leaving aside the guys I started a band with, I met Paul Whitehouse in my halls of residence and, via two other student friends, I met Harry Enfield and Vic Reeves." Charlie Higson, comedian, writer and scriptwriter 

"At school I knew I wanted, one day, to go out and explore the world - but at the same time communicate it. UEA was my first choice of university, because it was modern and in touch. I chose to read Environmental Sciences because I hoped it would give me an informal base from which to launch out and achieve all I'd dreamt of. This it did. ENV was also almost unique in that it was a whole School of Environmental Sciences - all the disciplines of the natural world in one building. And this gave it a lead even over Oxford or Cambridge." Benedict Allen, author and explorer 

"The course was amazing - and was unique. Where else can you go that offers all these exciting things together under one roof? At UEA there are meteorologists, climatologists, geologists and soil specialists all together in one school. It was very exciting. It filled my plan perfectly and was the springboard I needed." Benedict Allen, author and explorer 

"My Environmental Sciences degree took me straight into the Met Office. Without the very good foundation of my degree I would not have been able to go on to be a weather forecaster in radio and television." Penny Tranter, meteorologist (Met Office)

"My degree provided not only three brilliant years at UEA but a grounding in literature and a confidence in writing that have stood me in good stead all my working life." 
Emma Norman, journalist

"Studying at UEA was one of the most enjoyable and significant experiences of my life. Doing both an undergraduate and postgraduate course at UEA provided me with an academic background in literature and film which was a vital stepping stone for my career in the British film industry." Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive (Film London), previously Director London Film Festival 

"The best thing at UEA was having the resources to see virtually any film you can think of in the library. I'm in a business where you learn by observation and it proved completely invaluable." Jack Davenport, actor

"I learnt to think, question and be inspired at UEA, which in turn has helped me to hopefully inspire others, whether on a personal or professional level. Most of all I had a life-enhancing time." Tamara Ingram, Group Executive Vice President and Executive Managing Director (Grey Group)

"I remember my time at UEA with great affection. It was enriching sitting in seminars with Angus Wilson discussing Dickens' influence on Dostoevsky, or immersing myself in the activities of the Drama Society. Above all, it was fun, and I left a more fulfilled person than when I arrived." Dame Jenny Abramsky, Chair (National Lottery Heritage Memorial Fund)

"UEA was very important to me at a crucial time in my research life. I received a brilliant training as a research student which has stood me in good stead for the rest of my career. And, of course, I really enjoyed myself." Sir Paul Nurse, 2001 Nobel Prize winner

"Being at UEA changed my life: I had the space and opportunity to read and read and read; I was introduced to a world which made me believe that ideas were something I could make a part of my everyday life; and studying history and literature gave me insights that have continued to be valuable in my career." Razia Iqbal, Special Correspondent (BBC TV News), presenter (News Channel)

"Having the MSc certainly enabled me to get my first job. It soon became clear that having a postgraduate qualification was the standard needed for working in this industry."
Chris Banks, Offshore Windfarm Developer, RES Group

"By taking an LLM I was able to demonstrate to a future employer that I had explored the areas of the law that I would like to practise in. Having spent three wonderful years at the University I couldn't think of anywhere better to spend my Master's year." Laura Baker, Trainee Solicitor, Barlow, Lyde and Gilbert LLP

"In my career, I have been able to apply the skills I developed during my MA course at the University. The course was very creative and I was able to explore entrepreneurial ideas in the classical music industry." Thomas Fletcher, Assistant Artist Manager, IMG Artists

"As a result of my postgraduate education I have been able to take on greater responsibilities, improving my job satisfaction and chances of promotion. Matthew Peck, Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, NHS