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The information on this page is for UEA employees and covers the use of both personal and UEA-affiliated social media accounts. It includes official HR documentation, university policy, and marketing guidance.

Students looking for guidelines on the use of social media should refer to the Dean of Students web pages.

To find specific social media accounts at the university see our Twitter lists.


The role of the Marketing Team

The Marketing Team oversees the university's corporate social media channels including the key FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTubeInstagram, and Tumblr pages. It also administers a WhatsApp service.

UEA's Social Media Coordinator is responsible for running social media marketing campaigns, leading on the promotion of brand-level messages through these existing channels, and listening and responding to comments on the networks about the university. 

For questions about UEA’s corporate social media channels contact

A monthly report is available to staff documenting the performance of the corporate social media accounts. To be added to the distribution list email


Personal use of Social Media

The Code of Conduct on Social Media Use is a policy produced by Human Resources. This outlines the requirements and expectations of UEA employees and those with comparable honorary status in ensuring that they establish safe, professional and appropriate online behaviour. All UEA employees must ensure they have read and are familiar with this policy.

Questions about the Code of Conduct on Social Media Use should be sent to


University affiliated social media accounts

There are many social media accounts run by departments, divisions, projects, and schools affiliated with the university.

Social Media administrators which are directly linked to or affiliated with the University must familiarise themselves with the Social Media Policy: for staff responsible for UEA social media accounts document.

Questions about the policy for staff responsible for UEA social media accounts should be sent to


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing GuidelinesThe Marketing Team does not administrate or create channels for individuals or teams across the university, or offer training for users, but does offer advice and guidance on marketing channels and can offer assistance.

Our Social Media Marketing Guidelines offer advice to those considering creating a social media channel at the university. It also provides alternative solutions for promoting key messages on the major networks without creating new channels. This includes utilising existing accounts including school and key corporate accounts, and considering paid-for activities.

Before a team, department, or school at UEA considers setting up a channel on social media it is recommended that these guidelines are read, and the Marketing Team is contacted for advice.

It is requested that administrators confirm the creation of a new social media account, and the details of its owners, by email. This can be sent to