Multimedia FAQ's Multimedia FAQ's

What does the Multimedia Officer do?

The Multimedia Officer (MO) is a video and photography specialist working in the Admissions Recruitment Marketing Department (ARM) of UEA.

The primary role of the position is to produce content for digital and print that promotes UEA's innovative and sector leading brand within the ARM SOSTAC Plan. This includes video, photography and audio production from conception to publication.

What services does the MO offer?

On condition that the task supports the ARM Plan, the MO can provide video and photography for:

  • Case studies
  • Interviews
  • Events
  • General stock

How do I use the services of the MO?

The MO is a finite resource and as such booking requests must meet a strict criterion before acceptance. ARM tasks will be prioritised above all others. Any request that is not aligned with delivery of the ARM Plan may be declined.

Before booking you're strongly advised to consider:

  • What exactly do I need?
  • Why do I need it?
  • What will I do with it?
  • How will I measure it?


What will it cost?

While there is no cost for the service for ARM commissioned work, there may be a need for budget allocation to items required eg special equipment hire or the licensing of music and graphics. This can be discussed on acceptance of the project. Non-ARM originated work may be subject to full costs being met by the originator.

What is the process for the project?

Once the project has been accepted, a meeting should take place to discuss details and requirements further. Filming may need to take place over several days in different locations, involving different people. This must be arranged by the commissioning person, in consultation with the MO if necessary.

Any filming outside of normal working hours must first be approved by the ARM Marketing Assistant Head.

All persons agreeing to be filmed must first sign the UEA Official Model Release Form (available on Assetbank) before filming can commence. This is the responsibility of the person commissioning the work.

Once filming is complete, another meeting may be required to determine the requirements of the edit.

Editing can take significantly longer than the original filming and you are advised to bear this in mind when booking. The MO will agree a deadline for the first edit at the edit meeting.

Once the first edit is complete it will be presented via download link or Youtube post.

What if the product needs amending?

Should this edit not be satisfactory, the MO will allow one round of amendments to be made before submitting a final version. This is not withstanding errors within the work eg typos.

How is final sign off achieved?

It is the responsibility of the commissioning person to seek approval and sign off for the final work.

How do you deliver the final product?

The final product can only be supplied in soft copy either via download or Youtube link. Hard copies eg. DVDs are not available.

Who holds the copyright for produced works?

UEA retains full copyright of all works produced by the MO. Incorporated elements and graphics may be separately copyrighted to their respective owners and must not be shared as detached works internally or externally.

How do I get more information from the MO?

Please contact the Multimedia Officer for further details or if your question is not answered in these FAQs