Liferay Next Steps Liferay Next Steps

Thanks for coming to the Liferay training session. Before you get full access, you’ll need to complete a test page.

Your test page is the ‘child’ page you added at the start of the session. Please follow the steps below to complete your test page.

set up your test page set up your test page

  • Go back to your training page by following this link.
  • Go to your training date, your name and then your test page
  • Add the navigation, web content display and a portlet topper
  • Replicate the content you covered in the session. Try to add:
    + email address
    + internal & external link
    + document (pdf)
    + image (resize image if necessary)

Notify digital team Notify digital team

I have completed my test page

Click the link above and send an email to notify the trainer. 

need help? need help?

Don't worry if you can't remember the steps you covered in training. You can use these guides to help you create the content you need.

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