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Several years ago we purchased Siteimprove, an online quality assurance tool, to help administrators keep track of broken links and spelling errors across their sites.

We have seen a significantly high number of broken links and misspellings for an extended period of time meaning that Siteimprove outputs were not being acted upon.

Current broken link status: Main site - 1203. Portal - 391.
Current misspellings status: Main site - 359. Portal - 55.

In light of the new Website and Portal Project and low usage, Siteimprove will be unavailable from Wednesday 28th February, this gives any users February to take off any information or check site data as required. 

If you use Siteimprove for broken links and misspellings:

At this time we do not have a university wide alternative tool from the end of February so we strongly encourage you to make use of Siteimprove this month to identify and fix any existing broken links and spelling mistakes on your pages.

After this point, you will need to exercise due diligence when adding or editing content and be mindful about governing your section.

There is an automatic spell checker on the Liferay editor when you input new content  so no misspellings should occur on any newly created content.

If you use Siteimprove for analytics:

Schools, departments and microsite administrators utilising Siteimprove to track user analytics on their sites will also become unavailable on the 28th February. 

Faculties/Schools: Schools are currently being contacted on an individual basis regarding our new analytics and social media platforms. The platform will be incorporating an analytics report for each School going forward.

Microsites: There will be no alternative provided for analytics for any microsite web pages. You can set up your own Google Analytics account for your web section if you require statistics on visitors.  If you are a Portal department or main domain department currently using Siteimprove analytics, contact if you require further advice. 

Quality Assurance for the future

The new website project is underway and will be reviewing the quality assurance options of all UEA sites going forward.