Social communication Social communication

We manage the social media accounts that are the public face of the University. Our audiences now expect two-way conversations and social media is revolutionising the way the University communicates.

Social Media awareness calander
We have produced a social media calendar to highlight key student engagement milestones,themes and activities.

See the social media calendar

Social Media management
We've invested heavily in the latest social media management platform, Hootsuite. We can now talk to audiences in real time and judge how successful these communications are.

Better reporting
Get in touch with us and we'll provide you with monthly social media reports. The report covers social media activity and public sentiment about UEA and our brand.

Social media request form

We have now launched our social media request form so if you have any content you would like to be shared across UEA’s social channels, please submit a request through the form and it will be considered by the Digital team.

posting on social media posting on social media

What you say online has a massive impact on UEA’s global brand and reputation.

That’s why we’ve worked with Human Resources and the Communications Teams to put together code of conduct and policy documentation.

It’s vital you understand this before you use social media. It applies to all UEA students and staff (including those with honorary status) across both your official and personal accounts.

Read the social media code of conduct

Read the UEA social media policy

social media guidelines



UEA on social media UEA on social media

Here are our main UEA social media accounts

UEA Facebook
UEA Instagram
UEA Twitter
UEA YouTube
UEA Linkedin

Other Twitter Accounts

@heyUEA – for UEA applicants
@UEAStudents – for current UEA students
@UEA_VC – our Vice Chancellor

Check out our individual schools' Twitter accounts on our Twitter Lists. Log on to Twitter and click 'lists'.