Analytics to understand our audience Analytics to understand our audience

In a digital world, UEA needs to understand what’s happening online. This is why we've invested in a new platform called BrightEdge  so we can understand online audiences like never before. 

BrightEdge is an industry leading content marketing platform designed from the ground up to streamline the SEO workflow. Over the next 12 months we will be using BrightEdge to help us redefine our search strategy, meet our brand objectives and continue to ensure UEA’s presence in organic search.

Analytics Reports

We also work with Liferay administrators across the University to give them better insights into how their pages are performing.

Coming soon -  we will be looking to provide easy-to-use reports that show you how people use your pages and identify any improvements.

What is SEO? What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a technique used to get pages ranked higher in Google.

Since most people will get to your pages from Google – and not the UEA website – it’s important to know the basics of SEO.

SEO best practice 

Headings that are front-loaded – use the headings settings as shown in your Liferay training. Put the most important word at the front of your heading. eg 'Clearing: what you need to know' OR 'Apply for a parking permit'

Using keywords – using keywords in your text lets Google see your content is relevant. If you use words like 'clearing' or 'parking permit' naturally in your text and headings, your pages will rank higher in Google.

Web governance – make your content concise and easy to navigate. Use the checklist on the right to help you. 

Useful links Useful links

Here are some useful links to help understand analytics and SEO:

A guide to Google Analytics 

What is SEO? - Brightedge

Writing good content - Brightedge

SEO Checklist SEO Checklist

  • Audit your pages weekly
  • Refresh your content 
  • Fix broken links on pages and in documents
  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Check formatting is standardised, information easy to find

SEO Infographic;