The process for internal-build Microsites The process for internal-build Microsites

Please read and digest the following process for microsites.

  1. Email outlining the basic requirements of your site. 
  2. The Digital Team reviews requirements and provides guidance on approach and feasibility, also confirming with UEA ITCS that the site is within UEA's required policy and technical guidance. 
  3. Digital will liaise with the site owner/ requestor run through the options and feasible timelines.
  4. Once approved, the site owner creates their content based on the agreed site structure.
  5. When content is complete and signed off within the site owner's department, the Digital will supply a page structure and any Liferay training required for the site owner to become autonomous. 
  6. Once the site is populated the Digital will undertake testing and advise on any final tweaks or improvements.
  7. The site owner/ requestor approves the site for go live. 
  8. The IT/ Web team and Digital will schedule the necessary steps to put the site live. 

Things to consider Things to consider

Your content will get more views if we make it part of the main UEA site

Our main website gets millions of page views each month. However, most Microsites we create struggle to get visitors in the hundreds during the course of an entire year. If there is a way to place your content on the main UEA domain more people will see it and you will have complete access to all of the functions of Liferay. 

You will be responsible for updating your site

Consider the resources implications for keeping your site up-to-date. If you add news blogs or social media who will keep them up to date and where will the content come from? Visitors can find poorly or infrequently updated website a turn off. If you visit a website and the news has not been updated for six months, what does that say about the relevancy and value of the information on the site?

Your site cannot be built until you have the content required to fully populate it

No matter how urgent your site, the most time consuming aspect of creating it will be putting together your content - and we cannot start building your site with you until the content is created. 

Do you add social media to your site, or want to use social media as part of promoting it?

If you want to add social media, consider that with a lot of time and effort you might get one-hundred twitter followers... or you could 'plug in' to the main UEA social sites and access a ready-made audience of thousands. Consider that social media works best when you can post new information multiple times a week - do you really have the content and resources available to achieve this?