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Guidance for submitting a UEA newsletter item

There are two weekly UEA newsletters, The Lasdun for staff and The Square for students. These are sent via email every Tuesday and they include the past weeks news and any upcoming events and notices.

To submit stories for the newsletter, email by 5pm on Thursday for the following Tuesday’s newsletter.

Articles are subject to change based on house style or if the Communications Office feels it is appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding the following guidance, email:


Top Tips for writing an article for the newsletter


Keep headings to a minimum. The number of words should be around five to eight.


Due to limited space, the introductory sentence must be concise and sum up the main point of the story in one sentence - aim for fewer than 25 words.

Don’t use: ‘The Thomas Paine Society Lecture, which was established through the generosity of Mr Jesse Collins, a member of the Thomas Paine Society, will be given by former MP James Purnell in the Thomas Paine Study Centre on Thursday 10th May at 7pm.’

Use: ‘James Purnell, former Labour MP and cabinet minister, will give this year’s Thomas Paine Society Lecture on campus on 10 May.’

This is shorter, more concise, and provides the basic what, when, who and where. The article can then go into more detail further down.

Main article

Keep the article as brief as possible, and include contact details or a web link.

Make sure that for events the following details are covered:

  • Where: Where is it being held?
  • Title: What is the event called?
  • Audience: Who can attend? (I.e. open to public, just staff, students)
  • Tickets: Do people have to book tickets? How much are they? Where can they buy them?
  • When: Time, date, Contact – where can more information be found – a website, by contacting a person, etc.

Photos or videos

Photos or videos bring a visual element to a story, so where possible include them when submitting an article.


Style guidelines

When writing for the newsletter it is worth familiarising yourself with the general style guidelines.

Remember the audience: Although you might know all about the subject, the audience may not. It is therefore important to include basic information, and explain the story clearly and concisely, limiting the amount of jargon.

Always include a web link or contact details for more information where possible. Don’t use ‘please’, instead keep it to ‘For more information, visit:’


When the story is for internal communications, it is fine to use well-known acronyms and abbreviations, e.g. MED, ARM, VCO, NBS, NRP, HEFCE

  • Titles: Prof or Dr (no full stops or commas after title)
  • Capitals: Job titles are capitalised, as is the word ‘University’ when referring to UEA.
  • Dates: Thursday 20 June’ or ’20 June’ - There is no need to include the year if the date is in the current year.
  • Time: 2pm or 2-4pm or 2.30pm (don’t use 24hr clock)

First person

We’re all part of UEA so use the first person if the meaning is clear: “At UEA, we are proud of our reputation” not “UEA is proud of its reputation”

Always refer specifically to the team a message is coming from: “The Sustainability team is holding a presentation” not “We are holding a presentation