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Liferay Freeze FAQ

What exactly is a content change freeze?

A content change freeze means a total embargo on adding or editing content on any Liferay pages (main UEA site, the Portal, microsites).

During this time you must not:

Add new content or applications onto any web pages, edit any existing content, upload or amend any documents or images, add/delete/change layouts of pages, add/update asset publisher content, amend headings or URL’s.


What are the exact dates/timings I need to stop adding/editing content?

Content can be amended up until 5pm on Friday 16th September

The freeze will begin on 16 September and last until Monday 10 October to allow for start of year activities. 

We will advise all those with access to edit in Liferay when the freeze has been lifted and will send a communication out via email.


What does a code freeze mean?

  1. No updating or creation of ADT(Application Display Template).
  2. No updating of Structures and Templates.
  3. No deploying or updating of Themes.
  4. No adding, or updating of JavaScript to the portal through external methods or through the site control panel.
  5. No Adding of CSS or updating through portlets (Look and Feel), or external methods or through the site control panel, no updating of the CSS in the documents and media folder.

The code freeze continues with immediate effect and will remain in place until at least the end of October. We will advise nearer the time if this is to be extended.


What does ‘business critical changes’ mean?

Business critical changes are defined as 'a vital change without which the organisation could suffer serious financial, legal, or reputational damages or penalties'.  If you believe that you have a change that falls under this definition, please email who will collate and raise these requests with the project board on your behalf.


Who do i contact if I have business critical change?

Email in the first instance.


Will there be any Liferay training during this time?

No, all training will be on hold whilst the change freeze is in place. These will recommence after the 10th October. 


Will there be any Liferay support drop-in sessions during the freeze?

No these will be on hold until the change freeze is over. There are two sessions before the freeze should you need assistance with your web pages or have further questions about the change freeze:

Tuesday 13 September – 10-11am (ARTS 1.02)

Thursday 15 September – 10-11am (ITCS 0.17)

We have new students starting in September for our courses, are we allowed to add content ready for our new arrivals?

We ask that you make the majority of the changes prior to the 16th September.  

However, if you have urgent changes, you will need to submit your request as a ‘business critical’ request and indicate the reasons why this needs to be added during the freeze.


I have a form on my site, am I allowed to download the data in Liferay?

We would advise to set your form to send the data via email for the duration of the freeze so you do not have to download via Liferay.  If you need help on how to do this please view our forms guidance or drop an email.


Are we allowed to submit redirects during the change freeze?

No, there will be no redirects until further notice from the Digital team.  We will deal with all current requests on an ad-hoc basis.


Are we allowed to request/change user permissions during the change freeze?

No, we will not be adding/amending user permissions during the freeze.


Am I allowed to update my asset publishers/news feeds ?

No, no asset publishers should be updated during the freeze. Please use alternative methods to communicate your latest news, eg Twitter, Facebook.


Are People Pages affected during this freeze?

The content in People Pages is fed from PURE so you can still update this content. You cannot however change any manual people page tables you may have created via Liferay.


Can I request a new microsite during this time?

No. The microsite request form will be removed over the freeze period.


Can I request development for my pages during this time?

No. Deployment of new developments will not take place until the code freeze is lifted.  This is in place until the end of October at the earliest. We are working with Liferay partners to establish new standards which will inform the way new Liferay functionality is developed going forwards.