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The Digital Marketing Team is committed to ensuring you get what you need from our website and team. Below we have outlined what to expect from us:

From project work:
We will work with you to develop a workscope which captures what you need. Then, if your project goes ahead, we will assign a project manager and liaise with the UEA web team within IT, or third-party vendors, to ensure your project is a success. 

From improvement suggestions or issue resolution:
The DMT will work with you to understand your issue fully. We will communicate with you clearly and frequently, and keep you up to date on progress of resolving any bugs or technical issues.

From microsite development:
Similarly to project work, we'll start by completing a workscope with you to ensure everything your site needs is captured and understood. The team will outline the various options you have and, where an internal development route is taken, we will provide any and all training needed for you to be autonomous with populating and maintaining your site. 

From training courses:
Our courses will use plain English to help you get to grips with using content management system (CMS) and any best practice you need to know to stay ahead. We will continually develop our suite of training resources to ensure you have an ongoing library of reference material to access when you need it. 

Contact us at digital@uea.ac.uk