AppReview AppReview

AppReview is a web-based admissions product used at UEA that allows academic reviewers to view, comment and recommend decisions on applications.    

The system requires users to enable pop-up blockers for the site, otherwise some core functionality will be lost and pdf documents contained within the applications will not be viewable.  

It is worth noting that Mac users may not have a default pdf viewer installed as standard on their computers.  You must use a pdf viewer to access the information in AppReview.  Free pdf readers for Mac are available on the Internet including Adobe.

UEA based AppReview users will be allocated a user ID for the system, which is likely to be their UEA ID in most cases.  AppReview requires that the minimum character level is 5, which means that some UEA names are too short to use.  In this case, we increase the length of the UEA ID using the letters a, b, c etc., until the minimum length of 5 is met.  This change of ID is only for AppReview.