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Where can I find the UCAS guide?
The UCAS guide is no longer provided in hard-copy. It can be downloaded from the UCAS website, but you will need to Sign in first:
UCAS Admissions Guide

When are changes and decisions exported and imported to/from UCAS?
Decisions and other changes to appliations are exported to UCAS automatically daily at 11:45 and 16:30. Responses, new applications and other changes at UCAS are imported daily at 04:00 and 12:00 midday. At times during Confirmation and Clearing, additional imports and exports will be run by the Data and Systems Team, who will advise the teams of the additional times when necessary.


My Change of Course offer hasn't updated properly on UCAS
When making a Change of Course offer, you must make sure that the new MAS course code is both correct and in use. If a course code is selected that is not in use, UCAS will try to rectify and repair the original record, adding the new offer but on the wrong course. If you notice this, please contact the Data and Systems Team.

Can I make changes to an offer?
Once an offer has been sent to UCAS through SITS, we cannot re-set the record, so that it is blank. Under UCAS guidelines the offer can only be amended or updated, usually with the agreement of the applicant. This ensures that universities provide a clear and fair system for making offers. If the change is to the detriment of the applicant i.e. changing an A-level grade from B to A, permission must be given by the applicant for the change to take place. If the offer is to the applicant's advantage, you do not need to seek permission but you do need to inform the applicant that a change will be made at UCAS.

I've been sent a Similarity Detection Report from UCAS. What do I need to do?
There is no specific university-wide policy for dealing with the UCAS Similarity Report, so we ask that you review the details provided and make a decision based upon the information available. More information is available on the UCAS website.

I suspect that an application may be fraudulent. What should I do with it?
UCAS has a Verification Team that deals specifically with this type of scenario and will be able to investigate the details that raised suspicion for you. More details about the process and the Verification Team are available on the UCAS website.