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How do I request access to SITS?
SITS user access request forms for new members of staff within ARM, or new access to SITS, are available and should be completed, printed and given to the Data and Systems Team in LSB 1.120.

Which fields should be completed on the SQE screen?
Please see the SQE How-To for guidance on this question.

My Change of Course offer hasn't updated properly on UCAS
When making a Change of Course offer, you must make sure that the new MAS course code is both correct and in use. If a course code is selected that is not in use, UCAS will try to rectify and repair the original record, adding the new offer but on the wrong course. If you notice this, please contact the Data and Systems Team.

I've put a Conditional Reject offer on SITS by mistake. What should I do?
It is possible to process an applicant record to show ‘MV' (may qualify, vacancies), ‘C' (conditional) along with a reject text ‘Y' code in the offer text. There is no way that SITS can be modified to stop this error being submitted, so please be especially aware during peak periods that the correct decision is being processed. Unchecked, the applicant will see on UCAS Track that they have been offered a conditional place to study based upon being unsuccessful (depending on which Y code is used). You should make the Data and Systems Team aware of this to be able to reverse the incorrect decision going through that day – If you find this type of offer has already been sent to UCAS, fill in a Helpdesk form and we will try to negotiate this being changed by UCAS to a reject decision.

What does the code 'ZC' mean on the ACD screen in the App Status field?
The code 'ZC - *W:CANCELLED' indicates that this application has been cancelled by UCAS and this information has been transmitted into SITS. This code is used when an applicant has changed their mind regarding their choices or have completely cancelled their application. It also includes applicants that have died during the cycle, fraudulent and duplicate applications. To confirm this, you can check the status on Web link. You will therefore not be required to take any further action with this record.

What does the code 'ZM' mean on the ACD screen in App Status field?
The code 'ZM - *W:MISCODED' indicates that this application has been substituted by the applicant and they have used this choice to apply somewhere else. To check the details please use Web link, as above. You will not be required to take any further action with this record.

I've entered an offer on an applicant record and stored successfully, but I've now realised that the offer isn't complete. How do I change it, as the ACD screen is locked?
The Data and Systems Team can re-set an offer that has been made on SITS. You will need to complete the helpdesk form. See also the Answer to 'How can I re-set an offer' below.

Yes, in most cases you can. Please try and if you have any trouble let us know.

How can I re-set an offer?
An offer can only be re-set by the Data and Systems Team on the same day it has been input. Admissions teams have up to 11:30 or 16:15 (whichever is earliest) that day to inform us that an offer needs to be removed from the applicant record and subsequently not sent to UCAS. Once informed, the Data and Systems Team will re-set the record as a priority to make sure the offer isn't sent. The ACD screen will then revert back to a 'blank offer' status and the Admissions teams can then enter a different offer onto the record. If you find that it is very close to the deadline, please come to see the Data and Systems Tteam face to face to ensure the offer can be reset in time. At times during Confirmation and Clearing, additional exports will be sent to UCAS. The Data and Systems Team will advise the teams of the additional export times when necessary.

The 'Other' menu seems to be greyed out
This menu is only available when records have been retrieved. Once records have been retrieved, any changes must be saved in order to access screens through the Other menu. You may not feel that you have made any changes, although sometimes just placing the cursor in a field can make the system think a change has been made. If this is the case, either store the record or re-retrieve the record to use the Other menu.

The offer I made has disappeared following it being sent to UCAS. What has happened?
Sometimes in the process of UCAS updating our SITS records, some information can be overwritten so the offer you made seemingly disappears. You can either put it through again yourself, or complete a Helpdesk form if you find a selection of affected records.

My Applicant has successfully completed part of their conditional offer. Should we change the original offer now to reflect this?
No. The Applicant should understand that they need to complete each part of the conditional offer before their offer becomes unconditional. We shouldn't remove each part of the completed offer as it happens/we see evidence of it. UCAS is happy to wait for all the conditions to be completed and leaving the full conditional offer in SITS lets us see what the original offer was at a later date. All you need to do is update the notes field and file the documents with the UCAS form.