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I'm not an employee of UEA, so how do I get access?
The admissions team responsible for the applications in your field/area will ask you to complete a request form. You will then be contacted by email from Campus Management to set your password.

I'm not an employee of UEA, so what will my logon ID be?
We try to keep logons as familiar to you as possible and will let you know what ID has been given to you.

Why doesn't my UEA logon work for AppReview?
Campus Management AppReview is a web-based system that is employed for UEA staff and their affiliates to be able to review certain applications. This is a separate system and it may be necessary to issue a logon that is different to your UEA one.

Why is my ID different to my UEA logon?
As a UEA employee, you may find that we've given you a logon that is slightly different for AppReview. AppReview requires a minimum character limit of 5 characters, whereas some older UEA accounts have fewer than this. In order to comply with these minimum security limits, it is sometimes necessary to add an 'a' or 'ab' to your ID. This amendment is only for AppReview and your UEA logon remains the same.

How do I log in?
You will receive instructions explaining how to log in when your account is initially set up and receive a link to the main site in an email that is sent to you from Campus Management. Link to the main page, type UEA in the box named University and fill in your username that you have been given along with your new password that you set yourself.

Can you reset my password for me?
No. The security requirements of AppReview do not allow anyone but the user to set or reset a password. If you are unable to follow the password instructions from the main logon page, please contact the Data and Systems Team.

I've forgotten my password or the link no longer works.
If the initial invite to AppReview link has expired or you've forgotten your password, you can reset (or set a new one) from the link at the bottom of the main logon page. Click the 'Forgot Username' link and follow the instructions. If you need help with this you can either contact the admissions team or get in touch with the Data and Systems Team.

How will I know when I have applications to review?
You will usually be sent an automated email from Campus Management when new or updated applications are ready for you to view.

Why have I been sent a separate spreadsheet?
SSF PGR may have an additional spreadsheet to aid with application management for research projects. This is sent to to all PGR DEV staff but for the rest of the Schools, this will be sent to the PGR Director in the first instance.

When are automatic emails sent?
This automatic email arrives to your inbox around midnight each time.

What information do the automatic emails contain?
The email should either state there are new applications or that there are updated applications for you to view. It will also list the bundle(s) this email relates to.

Why doesn't the pdf open?
We can't make everyone set their computing preferences the same, so sometimes users' own settings, either for their browser, Mac or PC may stop pdfs loading. Initially, after checking that you have an active Internet connection, look to see if your settings are blocking pop-ups. If the problem persists, contact the admissions team.

How do I find the right bundle?
AppReview remembers where you left your work when you logged out. You may find that you need to choose a different bundle of applications to see the ones you expect. Each bundle may be a different programme, course or project. You can easily change bundles by using the drop-down selection in the top right of your in-box screen.

Save as Draft versus Save and Submit
When you Save as Draft, your work is saved in the state you've left it, waiting for you to complete it. Your work is only completed and sent back to the admissions team when you click Save and Submit.

Terminology: Bundle
Bundles are groups of applications grouped by course or project or application process (interview/scholarship etc). You will be assigned to bundles for each set of applications. Think of them as a folder of applications all for the same course or project etc.

Terminology: Review Pool
This is the filter that holds your courses/projects and determines how the admissions teams manage your bundles. You should not need to worry about these as they are administrative tools, not seen by reviewers.

Terminology: Routing Rule
Routing rules are the workings to make your bundles populate with the right applicants. These are administrative tools that you do not need to worry about. You won't 'see' them.