Request a Geckoform, Stock or Access to a system Request a Geckoform, Stock or Access to a system

The Data and Systems team administer access for the following software providers and UEA programmes:

AppReview, Apply Yourself, Cambridge Assessment for English, Connect, Collection Tool, Gecko, IELTS, NARIC, Pearson, Salesforce, SITS (for admissions use), Student Work Portal, TargetX, TOEFL and UCAS Weblink. You can click the links below to request access.

The Contacts Team administer Gecko forms across the Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing Division. It is important that new forms are requested through this form to ensure we adhere to GDPR regulations and Data Compliance. Click the link below to request a form.

The Contact Team also administer Prospectus and Brochure stock across the University. Use the form below to request stock.

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