Returning to campus Returning to campus

In order to support the UK's response to COVID-19 we are asking all UEA staff to work from home, unless you have been asked to return to campus as UEA emerges from lockdown. A University wide Risk Assessment has been published on the website and risk assessment templates will be provided to departments by University Safety Services. Please check the manager's toolkit for more detailed guidance.

Managers of staff can use the temporary access online form if a member of their staff needs to visit campus. Please note 48 hours are needed for this to be processed as many areas of campus are either isolated or locked down and your member of staff will have go through the induction process. Full details and the form can be found in the Temporary Worker Access section in the Manager’s Toolkit

To help with the fight against COVID-19, we’re asking all staff to work from home wherever possible and follow the HR Policy and Guidance and University wide Risk Assessment.

How do I prevent the spread of COVID-19?

There are several things that we are asking you to do to help prevent the spread:

  • Please wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when you arrive, regularly at work, before you leave the University and when you get home. There’s soap in every washroom and hand sanitizers are available in every building too.
  • In line with Government advice, Cleaning Services have revised their practices so that where cleaning is happening, effective process are in place. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is only required where a local risk assessment identifies the need for it.
  • Please keep your own work area clean and be considerate of others when discarding rubbish, paper towels and other materials. In addition if you are using a communal area such as a kitchen it should be left clean and tidy, with your own washing up done and surfaces wiped down.
  • There is some Government Guidance on social distancing that we want to draw your attention to which aims to reduce the frequency of interactions with people and, where interactions occur, to maintain a safe distance of two metres between you and others. For workplaces this also linked to the Government's Covid Secure guidance that is reflected in the University's procedures.
  • Please follow the HR guidance and the risk assessment control measures.

Staying as safe as possible - Covid-19 secure

The University is taking its responsibilities seriously, and we need your support to help keep our work and study environment Covid Secure for staff, students and visitors. Please remember your colleagues need you to stay two metres away to help keep them safe, two metres is around four steps.

Covid Secure Reporting Process

If you have a concern with another person not respecting social distancing or following the rules in some other fashion you should:

  1. Politely and respectfully raise your concern with that person directly and ask them to maintain their distance / comply with the rules. If they fail to act, or the person continues to cause concern after it has been raised, then:

  2. Communicate the situation and your concern to your line manager and / or the person’s line manager. If this fails to address the issue then:

  3. Use the e-mail address below to report it to Safety Services and HR.

What you should expect if you use this process:

  1. The person to politely and respectfully acknowledge your concern and adjust their behaviour accordingly.

  2. Your manager and / or their manager to address the issue with the person in question, and explain the importance of social distancing / following the rules to keep everyone safe.

  3. Safety Services and / or HR will review the report and respond accordingly, initially this will be contact and communication with the appropriate manager(s).

When sending an e-mail, please provide the following information:

  • Date of incident

  • Time of incident

  • Location of incident

  • Name of persons involved

  • Name(s) of manager(s) you communicate your concerns to

  • Any other relevant, factual information

Make a Covid Secure Report

What if someone working on campus is suspected of having COVID-19?

If an area has been occupied by someone with suspected COVID-19 they should stop working on campus and request a test via the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital by emailing NNUH covid testing or by phoning 01603 647900 quoting reference S0251. Members of staff who are not working on campus are not eligible for this service but can request a test via the Government's testing scheme

Please note that:

  • Work should stop in the symptomatic person's specific work area
  • Access should be prevented where possible and EST helpdesk contacted on 2121 to discuss cleaning requirements.
  • Individuals in close contact with the symptomatic staff member should be identified. 
  • Individuals who have been in close contact will be advised to leave campus and remain at home for a period of seven days, or until a negative test is confirmed.

What do I do if…

The fire alarm goes off? - In line with our existing Fire Safety Requirements please evacuate immediately via the nearest exit and assemble, at a distance of at least two metres from other colleagues, at a safe distance from the building you are in. If you think that there is someone left in the building, please report it to our Security officers who will be in attendance or the Fire and Rescue Service.

I need to call a first aider? - If you need a first aider then you should call the Security emergency number (01603 592222) for help, they will assist you while emergency services are on route if needed. You can also call 999 if the situation demands it.

Supporting wellbeing

We’re asking mangers to be mindful of the stress that our people may be feeling and not make unreasonable requests of team members who may feel under pressure and are quite rightly worried about their family and friends, struggling to balance the needs of UEA with family commitments.

There’s a wealth of support out there, we have a Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that is ready to give our people the support that they need. During these challenging times, we are as committed as ever to making sure that everyone feels safe and secure in the UEA community. At any time you can access the Report and Support page.

Specific Information for West Campus

For members of staff and PG students undertaking critical research and teaching related tasks in Bob Champion Education and Research Building (BCRE) and the Edith Cavell Building (ECB) in support of the NHS, the following additional information applies:

  • These buildings are used by both UEA and NNUH staff and students for essential research, clinical skills and refresher training.  They may therefore, as a precautionary measure, be classified in line with NNUH classifications.
  • NNUH are implementing national zoning guidance across the hospital site and all associated buildings. Zoning guidance is as follows:
    • YELLOW = areas with known COVID positive patients being treated
    • GREEN = ‘clean’ areas where all other patients are treated – still require a mask when treating patients as a precautionary measure.
    • BLUE = Protected areas for staff who are classed as ‘vulnerable’ against the workplace risk assessment
  • BCRE (excluding lab areas) has been identified as BLUE; a key space where NHS staff training and NHS/UEA protected workers could be located (due to there being no patient facing services currently in the building)
  • It is appreciated that UEA academics/Clinical Academics have offices on Level 2 of BCR and that these individuals may also need to work on wards with COVID positive or suspected COVID patients in GREEN or YELLOW zones.  Therefore, building users are to ensure that they do not enter the BCRE building on the same day following a shift on any NNUH ward. This will allow this area to be a safe zone for staff and trainees who require protected workspace.
  • The BCRE labs have been isolated from the rest of the building and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Any access to labs needs to be approved by the Dean and under the direction and guidance of the BCRE Laboratory Facilities Manager, Jasmine Waters.
  • Only staff highlighted on the list of critical staff already submitted should enter these buildings.  If access is required and you are not on the list, contact your HoS.Those working within the research laboratories of BCRE will be provided with instruction on entering the building via side access and not the main entrances, this must be adhered to at all times. Extra vigilance should be applied and please follow the HR guidance and policies.Should staff or students have any further questions relating to working in these areas, they are to direct them to their HoS.

Comments and questions

You can contact UEA Safety services via email at or visit the safety services area to find out more information.