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If the popularity of the BBC's relive Glastonbury series tell us one thing it's that many people are missing the collective experience of live music. Stuart Dunlop, Director of UEA's Music centre, is among them. In a new piece on the UEA Community Blog he writes about the power of music to bring people together and his belief that, no matter the challenges, musical performance will find a way back before too long. 

Earlier this month a global audience tuned in to hear Professor Corinne Le Quere speak about the impact COVID has had on climate change, and our responsibility to embrace the change and take the right steps toward slashing carbon emissions. “Are we ready to do what it takes to tackle climate change fairly, peacefully?” asks Corinne. “Has the time finally arrived? It is up to us now, in the coming weeks.” 

Ever wondered what an intimacy coordinator does? Well, wonder no longer... Grad Lizzy Talbot explains why her role advocating for safer intimacy on stage and screen is vital in the wake of #MeToo and how ‘gentle good humour and kindness go a long way in an industry learning to heal'.