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Update on Covid-19 contingency measures for 2020/21

The University has made arrangements to enable you to continue your studies during the COVID-19 emergency and complete the academic year 2019/20.

For many students, this means you will by now have completed your teaching and assessments. Congratulations to all finalists that are soon to complete and, for those who are returning, thank you for your patience and understanding as possible changes are identified to support your return next academic year.

Many students have given positive feedback about the measures put in place – thank you for your input and support at this time. However, it is also appreciated that some students may be feeling dissatisfied and worried about the measures taken for 2019/20 and being put in place for 2020/21.

For those of you who are continuing your studies in 2020/21, arrangements have also been made for your next academic year to ensure that you can continue to study your course with great quality teaching and learning. If you are worried, or have questions about returning for the academic year 2020/21, then make sure you contact your school, who will do their best to answer questions about the arrangements put in place.

Arrangements for the next academic year include:

  • Online large lectures
  • Small group teaching in person on campus where possible
  • Blended approach to teaching and learning

Your Head of School will have emailed you with more information about these arrangements. Please also be aware that you may be contacted by the Learning and Teaching Service (LTS) about any module changes that you need to complete. These need to be completed by Thursday (9 July).

Work is being done under practical constraints and for this reason changes have had to be made in some areas as the only way to continue providing the learning, teaching and support you need. If you do however have any concerns, UEA is here to listen to and understand these, and will try to resolve them. To help understand these concerns and questions, the University has been working with uea(su) to better communicate what changes and guidance is available for you.

If you are dissatisfied or worried then the first step is to raise this with the relevant School of study or department or service that your concerns are about. If you tell us what your concerns are, then work can be done with you to resolve them.

If you remain unhappy after informally raising your concerns then you can submit a complaint under the Academic or Non-Academic Appeals and Complaints procedures. If you feel that your grades or progress have been impacted by the measures put in place then you may be able to submit an Academic Appeal.

If you feel that you should receive a tuition fee refund (full or partial), you should make this request through the academic appeals and complaints process. These requests will be considered individually.

The panel who consider your appeals and complaints can award up to £500 and are able to escalate cases for higher awards for consideration. Where applicable, tuition fee refunds will be made to Student Finance England and reduce your student finance balance.

When submitting an appeal or complaint, please remember to:

  • Include any relevant evidence if you are able to obtain this safely.
  • If you are unable to include evidence, explain why in your statement. It is appreciated that access to services are limited at this current time. This should not stop you from submitting an appeal or complaint.
  • Please also include details of the informal approach you have already taken and any outcome of this.

If you need help and advice about making an appeal or complaint (including whether your appeal or complaint is academic or non-academic) then please contact the uea(su) Advice Centre who are independent of the University and can support you.

Thank you for your patience. Everyone at UEA looks forward to seeing you in September and congratulations to the class of 2019/20.