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Spotlight on… Podcasts

If you find yourself at a loose end or searching for things to fill your time over the coming weeks, a podcast might be the perfect solution. From teaching in higher education to the latest news updates to sporting podcasts that are continuing during the enforced break – there is truly a podcast for everyone.

To help you pick out a podcast from the sea of audio programmes, here’s a quick guide to some of the best shows out there, including the one’s made on UEA campus:

UEA podcasts

Politics at the Edge

If you’re intrigued by politics, this is the one for you. Led by UEA’s political experts and academics, the shows helps to explain issues in power, government and politics in an accessible way. The podcast goes beyond the Westminster bubble taking a broader perspective on British and global politics, culture and society. Special guests include former North Norfolk MP, Norman Lamb, and LBC presenter and UEA alumnus Iain Dale.

Available on Soundcloud, Spotify and Google podcasts.

Nurturing Bright Futures podcast

A higher education advice podcast for teachers and advisers (previously ‘Coffeee Break’). The 15 available episodes cover everything from introducing new courses at UEA (such as BSc Computational Psychology) to widening participation in higher education.

On Soundcloud, Spotify and Google podcasts.


Higher Education

The EDTECH podcast

This podcast brings together technology and education to explore how the two can come together to create innovative teaching and learning methods. Each episode takes a different focus from teaching in an early years setting right through to how universities can make the most of the latest tech.

All the episodes can be found the EDTECH website.

Future U

What’s next for higher education? Future U attempts to answer this broad question, breaking it down to different challenges, successes and unknowns that the sector could eventually face. The thought-provoking 30-minute episodes often cover the same topic from different perspectives, with special guests offering up personal opinions.

All the episodes can be found the Future U website.



Weird Norfolk podcast

Bought to you by the Eastern Daily Press, the Weird Norfolk podcast is a cabinet of curiosities containing forgotten folklore, spooky stories and interesting and odd places to visit in the beautiful county of Norfolk. Starting with the witch of East Somerton, each episode follows a different tale from various corners of the county.

Available on the EDP website, Apple podcast and Spotify.


Wellbeing and health

NHS audio guides

An NHS series of bite size mental wellbeing audio guides led by Dr Chris Williams. Episodes include: low mood; sadness and depression; anxiety control training; overcoming sleep problems; low confidence and assertiveness and unhelpful thinking.

Available on the NHS website.



Desert Island Discs

A classic staple in the podcast world, this long-running BBC Radio 4 podcast invites well-known stars, business men and women, Hollywood greats and many more to select eight discs, a book and a luxury item as they become desert island castaways. The podcast explores their choices, accompanied by the discs, as they discuss key moments in their lives.

Available on BBC Radio 4 website, Soundcloud and Spotify.

No Such Thing as a Fish

QI fan? Give this one a listen. The makers of QI have been discussing their best finds, favourite facts and weirdest anecdotes since beginning the podcast in 2014. Over the six years the quartet have now created over 300 episodes, so you won’t be short of choice.

 All platforms are available on the No Such Thing as a Fish website.