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Let's get quizzical

To offer some light relief amongst the current challenges we’re all facing, we thought we’d challenge you to a short quiz of 2020 so far.

There will be no mention of coronavirus in this quiz (from this point onwards), just all the good stuff that’s happened over the past few months.


Question 1

The film 'Birds of Prey', starring Margot Robbie, is based on which character from the DC Comics universe?


Question 2

Which TV programme broadcast its 10,000th episode in February?

Question 3

The following is an anagram of which number on selling album that topped the charts in January:

Ahead She The Ivy

Question 4

Between New Year’s Day and today, how many goals (not counting those disallowed by VAR…) have Norwich City FC scored in the Premier League?

Question 5

A new £20 note went into circulation in February, but other than the Queen who features on it?

Bonus point for his profession.




Liked this quiz? Get all the questions right? See you back here same time next week then.

We’re looking to you to help us formulate next week’s quiz. If you would like to submit your own tricky questions or you even have your quiz theme that you’d like to test people on – share it with us.

You can do this by emailing the Communications team with your ideas at by Friday (27 March).