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Home of the Wonderful: Rosetta Stone

Home of the Wonderful is the student-led feature that shines a spotlight on the things that make UEA a wonderful place to study in, live in and be around. This week, language learning app Rosetta Stone gets its time to shine.

Natalia Luczak, a third year Chemistry student who’s learning to speak German, shares her ‘little but often’ tip for language learning, and how far she’s come a year after downloading Rosetta Stone. 


Describe Rosetta Stone in ten words or fewer

Rosetta Stone helps you speak and understand, not just translate.


How did I find out about Rosetta Stone?

I’d considered learning a new language for a while, but I did not have the resources (money and time) to make that wish happen. I noticed a panel on Blackboard that was promoting Rosetta Stone and when I found out that I could access the courses for free and be my own boss, I decided to sign up without any hesitation.


A friend is a UEA student who’s never heard of Rosetta Stone – what’s the one thing you’d tell them to convince them to use it?

It only takes a little bit of your free time every once in a while, but it opens a big door full of opportunities. As an international student, I can vouch that foreign languages help to boost your career, make plenty of friends and lead you on interesting adventures. Even if you’re not looking to become a fluent speaker, learning a couple of words can help to boost your confidence.


The insider tips for making the most of Rosetta Stone

I personally find that little and often works better – I spend 15-20 minutes a day on the app, for about four days a week. This means I’m not overloaded with information and helps the newly learned words to stick in my mind for longer.

Learning foreign words and phrases is not easy, but you are more likely to remember them if you do it a little at a time, but keep repeating them often.


Tell us something good that’s come out of Rosetta Stone

Whenever I hear somebody speak German (the language I am learning via the app), I can distinguish it from other foreign languages, and most of all understand a few words. I hope that one day I can travel to Germany and when I do, I can communicate with people in their native language and hence learn about the country from a citizen’s perspective.


Give us a couple of facts about Rosetta Stone

  • UEA allows students to access all app features for FREE.
  • Hours you spend on online language learning count towards UEA Award as credit.


What surprised you about Rosetta Stone?

The app relies on learning by associating language words and phrases to pictures and situations, rather than translation – it’s just like learning a new language as a child. It may seem odd for somebody who just began their journey with the app, it certainly did to me. However, it really makes a difference and allows to ‘soak in’ a foreign language more easily.


What three words spring to mind when you think about Rosetta Stone?

Efficient, worthwhile and purposeful.


Why does Rosetta Stone help to make UEA #HomeOfTheWonderful?

Every year UEA becomes home to many students from all over the world. Being able to communicate better and understand each other’s cultures (to which languages belong) helps to create a closer community.  

I believe the opportunities provided by Rosetta Stone for students and staff help to achieve that.

If you are interested in language learning with Rosetta Stone, you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple Store, or you can access it online via UEA Portal.