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Hardship Funds

We know this is an unprecedented time for everyone, and that some students may have worries around their financial situation as a result of covid-19.

We therefore wanted to remind students about hardship funds available through UEA if students have been financially impacted by the covid-19 situation. Applications for the hardship funds remain open and you can find out more about the different funds available on the Finance pages of the Student Services Portal. You can also discuss your options with Student Services’ Financial Advisers on

With the recent move to online teaching and exams/assessments, the University also wants to ensure that all students have the means to complete their studies remotely. Therefore, if you do not have the appropriate equipment to engage in online learning (ie. a working laptop) and no access to finances to purchase equipment, please apply via this form. Please be aware, however, that there is no guarantee of an award upon application.