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Covid-19 – University update 

The situation around the COVID-19 outbreak is incredibly fast-moving, and much has changed over the last few days alone. 

We are incredibly proud of our UEA community. Especially health and medicine students who are volunteering to work for the NHS and setting up community initiatives. And we thank our dedicated staff who are working during some very challenging times.

To keep you updated on the latest situation across various affected aspects of working at UEA, here is a brief summary of the changes that have occurred and measures that have been brought in across the University in the last few days:  

  • All teaching has been moved online to Blackboard 
  • All summative assessments, including examinations during the main exam period (Monday 18 May – Friday 12 June) will be conducted online via Blackboard where possible  
  • Students should feel free to return home if that is their preference and are able to do so – please continue to engage with all learning materials provided on Blackboard 
  • The University will continue to support all students who remain on campus in every way that we can  
  • Sportspark is now closed until at least Friday 3 April – please check their website for more information 
  • The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is now closed until further notice – please check their website for more information 
  • UEA Nursery remains open in line with government advice around schools 
  • Home working will be facilitated across campus where possible. A short questionnaire has today been sent for all members of staff to complete and this will help to inform home working decisions for all schools and teams going forward 

Our COVID-19 advice, guidance and FAQs page is being regularly updated – please continue to check this page on a regular basis as advice may change. All staff and students will be communicated to on a regular basis with any further updates, so please check your UEA emails regularly and carefully read all information provided.  

Please try to stay safe, and for the latest advice and health guidance on the outbreak, continue to check the NHS covid-19 page.