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#learnmyname campaign set up by UEA student 

Postgraduate student Jade Peters, who is studying at UEA’s medical school, has set up a social media campaign to share her experience and to change the way the criminal justice system refers to victims of sexual assault.  

Jade set up her #learnmyname campaign on social media after feeling that people looked at her as a victim, rather than a person. 

She said: “I wanted to highlight that although this has happened to me, I am not defined or contained to living the rest of my life as a victim. I noticed that until the last day of court, they hadn't referred to me by my first name at all - I was labelled 'victim' and that was who I was.” 

The campaign encourages those are comfortable to do so, to share their own experiences and stand in solidarity by using the hashtag, she has already had more than 200 people supporting the campaign, including former MP Norman Lamb. 

Although her experience has no link to her time at UEA, Jade feels she has been well supported by the University and she wants to share her experiences with others in the hope that it will raise awareness.  

Jade added: “Students should not feel they have to pick justice over their needs and studies – there needs to be an opportunity where students can do both.” 

To find out more about the campaign, search #learnmyname on Twitter.