A cleaver and unique storytelling concept A cleaver and unique storytelling concept

A supergraphic is a clever and unique storytelling concept. An image acts as a link between an unexpected or intriguing headline and the context of the story it illustrates. This creates a surprising and engaging message that makes the reader want to learn more.

Supergraphics can be illustration and photography.

Supergraphics should... Supergraphics should...

  1. Always be created by a designer. If no designer is available, please don’t create one yourself. If there is no design resource then photography can be used
  2. Use a clever illustration or dynamic photograph to help relay the story
  3. Use colour sparingly, utilising the UEA colour palette only
  4. Be kept simple
  5. Contain a playful element, such as in the use of typography
  6. Have a headline that intrigues
  7. Include the logo glint as a mark of unconventionally brilliant thinking.

Supergraphic Illustration

Annotated a novel approach supergraphic

Supergraphic Photography

Annotated fashion victims supergraphic

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