Be confident. Be yourself. Do different Be confident. Be yourself. Do different

Everything we write and say about UEA should convey our unique brand proposition:

At UEA I can be unconventionally brilliant.

And our three clear principles:


We do this through a distinct house-writing style and our unique tone of voice.

The way we speak depends upon our audience; a brochure targeting senior academics will be written differently to a communication for prospective students.

Always consider your audience and remember that we flex our tone and content when we speak to different people, for example; undergraduates, postgraduates or our younger audience. You can find out more about these tonal and content shifts in Sections 4.1, 5.1 and 6.1 and our house style in Section 2.2.

Overall, our three clear principles always affect the way we talk. Remember to visit Sections 4.1, 5.1, & 6.1 to see how our messages flex depending who we’re talking to.

Along with our tone of voice, we also have a house style to keep our writing consistent across our printed and digital communications.

Be confident Be confident

Stay active

We use the active voice and make strong statements with conviction, like this:

The latest research informs our unique approach to learning. Students learn from staff at the forefront of their disciplines.

We say more with less

We keep titles, sentences and paragraphs short for maximum impact, like this:

Spacious and fully equipped, our award-winning campus combines innovative architecture with natural beauty.

We back up what we say

We choose the single most powerful proof point to support every claim, like this:

According to the Times Higher Education Student Survey, UEA provides the best student experience in the country.

Be yourself Be yourself

We are proud

We celebrate our strengths, recognise our progress, and thank our partners, like this:

UEA is part of the most cited research centre outside of Oxbridge and London. Our teaching and research are highly regarded, bringing breakthrough thinking into the classroom to make bright futures for our students.

We stand out

We use compare and contrast to stand out from the competition and challenge expectations, like this:

Norwich is a big city where old meets new, nature meets technology, and local and global cultures collide.

We get personal

We avoid industry jargon or a stuffy, institutional tone. We write like people do – in plain English, like this:

At UEA you won’t just learn about what other people have done, thought or said. You’ll learn by doing.

Do different Do different

We talk in a different way

Do Different is in UEA’s DNA. Use this spirit to surprise and delight in the language you use, and the structure and tone of voice, like this:

At UEA you won’t just learn about what other people have done, thought or said. You’ll learn by doing. That’s because we believe you learn best by trying things out for yourself.

We talk about our heritage

We frame our facilities, achievements, and activities by how they benefit our community, like this:

With our uniquely green location, distinctive architecture and commitment to providing a quality student experience, we have continued to grow since our inception in 1960.

Challenge the status quo

We describe UEA in terms of how we empower people to do, like this:

Our outstanding academic support will help you fulfill your potential.

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