Our opportunity Our opportunity

Our reputation and success has grown steadily in recent years. Now, we want to build on the momentum of our league table gains, through excellence in student satisfaction and our strong REF score, and bridge the gap between how we can demonstrate our research excellence and how we are perceived both nationally and internationally.

We have an ambition to be one of the most cited universities in the world for research. We’ll continue to grow our reputation, and our influence, as a world-leading university.

The need for change The need for change

Our brand is the public face of the University. We’re forward-moving and forward-thinking, leading the way with our academic accomplishments, and enjoying an enviable reputation for research.

To secure the future of the university in an ever-evolving market, it is imperative for our brand to be memorable, bold and confident, keeping pace with the pioneering work we do.

Why we've changed Why we've changed

In an overcrowded, homogeneous market, with over 100 universities in the UK competing for applicants, it’s increasingly important for our accomplishments to stand out from the crowd.

To show our unconventional brilliance in action, our brand has to reflect unconventional brilliance too – in the ways we communicate with our students past and present, their parents, and our people.

Our proposition Our proposition

At UEA I can be… unconventionally brilliant.

Unconventional brilliance conveys how we are unique. After all, it’s what we’ve always been from the very start.

We give our people the tools they need to work in unconventionally brilliant ways, preparing our students for employment, collaborating with our industry and research partners, and driving curriculum innovation.

Ever alert to change, we can respond to an ever-changing world, attracting the next generation of talented students by confidently expressing why we’re different and what makes UEA brilliant.

What does unconventional brilliance mean What does unconventional brilliance mean

It’s our reputation for the pioneering research we do, and our ambition to be one of the most cited universities for research in the world. It’s the innovative buildings we create, the future Nobel prize winners we train, our pioneering approach to teaching, the surveys we top, the Booker Prize winners we teach, the way we always go above and beyond, striving to create unique experiences and opportunities for the people that study and work with us.

It’s the way our students matter to us from the beginning of their journey with UEA, and it’s how everything we do is with them in mind. Helping them become the best they can be, and to give them all they need to thrive – even as our alumni, long after they leave.

It’s this unique environment we want to communicate through our brand, every time we come into contact with our stakeholders.

Why our proposition works Why our proposition works

It’s a strong statement of direction and intent. It sets the bar high, demonstrating how our people find pioneering new ways of working and take less conventional approaches to getting things done.

How our proposition applies How our proposition applies


We communicate bold stories that highlight what’s exceptional about UEA and what our students achieve here, inviting prospective students to discover more about what their UEA journey could be.


We focus on the strong reputation we enjoy across our postgraduate programs, our high-quality postgraduate teaching, our academics research excellence, our world rankings, our vibrant postgraduate community, and how we are leaders in our field.


We celebrate success and look confidently to the future through our 2030 vision. We inspire colleagues to share and engage with the brand values to enable us all to create a consistent message.


We share our vision for the future with a worldwide community, instilling a sense of pride and belonging beyond graduation through inspiring alumni success stories, latest advances and news, events, and mentoring opportunities.


We engage with academics and government agencies, and make a very real impact with our research, encouraging a change in society and influencing change in Government policy.

How our brand can boost our reputation How our brand can boost our reputation

The way we communicate brings our brand to life. We say a lot in a few words. And make sure that those words, our messages, and our content are uniquely UEA. We work in an original way, and we talk in a unique, genuine voice about the remarkable things we do. Always demonstrating that we’re a university known for our forward-thinking spirit and for breaking boundaries.


We speak confidently about the evidence of our excellence


We speak with authenticity and integrity


We have always lead the way and been proud to challenge the status quo

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