Introduction Introduction

What is it?

A project board displays key information about a specific piece of building work. It sits alongside most hoardings.

What's the aim?

To display key information in a clear way.

The design intent

To use our simple panel layouts to neatly display all project details.

Man standing in front of a project board

Design approach Design approach

1.Break the info down into blocks. Typically:

  • Title (the nature of the works)
  • Specifics (a short description of the works)
  • Start date
  • Completion date
  • Manager
  • Delivered by
  • Logo
  • Further info (including contact details).

2. Divide the board format into equal blocks

Checked white and green blocks

3. Place each piece of info into one of the blocks

Checked white and green blocks with text

Alternative designs Alternative designs


Landscape project board

Unusual format

Unusual format project board

Small portrait (increased proportional typesize)

Brand small portrait project board

Small landscape (increased proportional typesize)

Small landscape project board

Hero Hoarding



Generic Hoarding



Cover hoarding



Message specific signs