Introduction Introduction

What is it?

Specific signs carrying one low level message, like ‘out of order’ or ‘keep out’.

What's the aim?

To inform quickly and directly. They can be added to hoardings or work in isolation.

The design intent

As simple as possible, one statement using black or white plus one colour.

Please keep out sign

Design approach Design approach

1. Select required statement

Out of order sign

2. Select a size and format relevant for the message and the contect it will be seen in

Green rectangle

3. Align statement centrally

Green out of order sign

Alternative designs Alternative designs

Message boards can be used in any of the following colour options:

  • Black on magenta
  • Black on peach
  • Black on green
  • Black on cyan
  • White on black

Alternative signs at UEA

Hero Hoarding



Generic Hoarding



Cover hoarding



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