Introduction Introduction

What is it?

Hero style hoardings are used for works of high visibility, like major works undertaken to the student union or library. They tend to be up for a longer duration and therefore are a great opportunity to build the UEA brand. Hero hoardings use a message specific to the type of works going on.

What's the aim?

The aim is to give maximum presence to the brand.

The design intent

The design needs to be bold and impactful. Big typography, big illustrations, flat colours and engaging tone of voice.

Typographic Typographic

In this example we have used a simple typographic approach with a tailored message specific to the area and type of work we are undertaking.

The design may change slightly depending on the final size and material of the hoarding.

Example of UEA hero hoarding

Illustration Illustration

This example makes use of the simple illustration style to add character to our message about driveway improvements.

The design may change slightly depending on the final size and material of the hoarding.

Example of hero hoarding illustration style

Photographic Photographic

Black and white cut-out photography of the amazing architecture at UEA in its original form (this would require research into the UEA archive) is a visually striking way to cover the concrete works. The suggested quote would work nicely in the white space.

This solution is dependent on production techniques available as we would be printing large scale images on to mesh and attaching to heras fencing.

Example of photographic hero hoarding

Photographic panels Photographic panels

If printing large scale is challenging, the iconic images could be printed onto smaller panels and attached to the heras fencing.

Example of photographic panels

Mixed approach Mixed approach

To capture the vibrancy and energy of the student union we have used a mixture of both illustration and black and white photography. In this case it is applied to thinner panels.

Example of mixed hero hoardings approach

Design styles Design styles

When creating hero hoardings we can select whichever UEA design style that works best for the specific type of works – typographic, illustration, cut-out photography or photography.


  • Always simple and straightforward
  • A purely typographic hero panel needs to have a tailored message in order to keep it separate from the generic panels.

Typographic style design


  • Always black and white, with a highlight used very sparingly
  • They should use as few elements as possible
  • They should illustrate the message playfully without becoming unsophisticated.

Illustrations style design

Cut-out photography:

  • Always black and white photography
  • Cut out onto a white background
  • Can be used to create a rhythm for wide hoardings.

Bowl of pasta with eat on it


  • Always black and white photography
  • It should provide a glimpse into our everyday environment
  • It should always capture the energy and excitement of our brilliant campus
  • Uncontrived, never staged poses.


Design approach Design approach

Create Message

Create a message specific to the area that is having the building work done to it. The message could be about:

  • The investment we are making
  • What we hope to achieve
  • The type of activity that will happen in the space.


List of verbs

Design Message

Whether using typography, illustration or photography, our design should be simply laid-out and, where possible, placed centrally.

  • Black background (if black cannot be achieved, use white)
  • White or black text + 1 colour
  • Centre UEA logo when used in the space.

Shapes with shop text

Multiple Boards

Where there are multiple boards, we can add more messages and designed elements.

  • Illustration, photography and cut-outs should be equally spaced across the hoarding.

Series of hoarding designs

Alternative designs Alternative designs

There may be times when we need to use alternate formats or designs. When applying the message to hoardings of different sizes, always follow the same approach to design and layout:

  • Centred
  • Black or white background.

Alternative design using photography and architectural renderings/sketches

For large building projects it may be desirable to visualise what the new development will look like through photography and architectural renderings or sketches.

Singer and architectural sketches

Portrait format

Alternate formats should still follow the same design guidance of aligning centrally.

UEA publication front page

Generic Hoarding



Cover hoarding



Project boards



Message specific signs