Introduction Introduction

What is it?

A repeated glint pattern intended for mesh-type hoarding covers.

What's the aim?

Light-touch brand presence.

The design intent

To make the glint the hero on hardworking hoarding screens.

Man running pass hoarding

Design approach Design approach

Establish the size and area the design needs to cover.


Layout the glint to fill the space. Ensure there is two glints width between each glint.

Glints on clear background

Alternative designs Alternative designs

There may be times when we need to use alternate formats or designs. Always ensure there is two glints width between each glint.

Long narrow strip – black

Long narrow glint strip

Full-bleed - tall

Full glint hoarding design

Full-bleed - black

Black hoarding with coloured glints

Hero Hoarding



Generic Hoarding



Project boards



Message specific signs