Real students, real staff Real students, real staff

Our photography captures real students and staff at UEA and should provide a glimpse into their everyday environment, working, studying and socialising.

It should also capture the energy and excitement of our unconventionally brilliant campus.

Always use approved imagery from our media library. If purchasing stock photography in exceptional circumstances, make sure it follows the guidelines.

Collage of photos of UEA

We use

  • Natural lighting, where feasible
  • Uncontrived, unstaged shots
  • Real life, including genuine responses ‘in the moment’
  • Rich colour and contrast
  • Black and white images for rollovers online or statistics page in print

We don’t use:

  • People looking directly at the camera
  • UEA logos or merchandise in shot where this can appear staged and not natural
  • Unusual angles and effects
  • Black and white photography as a lead image

Do Do

Do capture spontaneous moments, like a genuine response

Girl with headphones

Do photograph places and people in the same natural style

Ziggurats in the sunshine

Do let the natural colours and tones in the image speak for themselves

Student laughing

Do use black and white images but not as a lead image

Student working on laptop

Don't Don't

Don’t stage photographs, people respond better when they aren’t aware of the camera

Group of UEA students

Don’t excessively over dramatise images by adopting moody settings or unusual angles

Ziggurats in the fog

Don’t add unnecessary filters or effects

Blurred photo of student

Don’t excessively create duotones

Student laughing with purple filter

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