Our logo Our logo

Our lead logo’s classic design is bold, confident, and complements our modern visual identity. The logo must appear on every communication we create.

UEA logo

For external communications For external communications

Our lead logo always appears on external communications with the University of East Anglia line in position as shown.

UEA logo

For internal communications For internal communications

When the lead logo is used for internal communications, we drop the University of East Anglia line as there is already confidence in UEA’s brand on campus.

UEA internal logo

Horizontal logo variation Horizontal logo variation

If space doesn’t allow for a stacked logo and lock-up design, such as on mobile or digital banners, use a horizontal version so the logo can still be legible.

UEA logo horizontal variation

Colour and contrast Colour and contrast

The lead logo should appear in black or white, whichever is in higher contrast to the background.

When the logo is placed over an image, always make sure that the background is dark enough not to cause problems with visibility, and that it doesn’t sit over cluttered imagery.

The glint should always appear in one of our brand colours, not black. See page 47 for variants.

Examples of UEA logo

Logo clearspace Logo clearspace

To ensure the logo has room ‘to breathe’, take the distance between the centre point of the glint and the top of the E (x) and use as clearspace distance around the whole logo area.

Example of clearance around UEA logo

Logo positioning Logo positioning

Always look to position the logo in one corner of your communication. Exceptions to the rule can be found on page 36.

Examples of positioning for UEA logo

Logo sizing Logo sizing

We use a simple formula to determine the size of a logo for each publication:


Size the logo at 1/5th of the format width.

e.g. A4 portrait (210mm) logo = 42mm wide


Size the logo at 1/7th of the format width.

e.g. A4 landscape (297mm) logo = 42mm wide

Screen (1280px) logo = 256px wide

Minimum Size 10mm (d)

Examples of UEA logo sizes

Logo positioning Logo positioning

In some cases, such as digital formats, it can sit centrally.

Other formats such as printed roller banners require a centrally aligned logo for legibility.

Smaller pieces of printed communication should also consider a centralised logo.

Examples of positioning the UEA logo

Branded goods Branded goods

Example of promotional goods only

UEA branded t shirt and hoodie

UEA branded merchandise

Brand Hierarchy



The glint



Colour palette









Design Language