Logo variants Logo variants

UEA uses a series of logo variants to help manage and maintain a clear brand identity. These variants form the UEA brand hierarchy.

Dependant on message and usage, one of four need to be applied.

The four variants are identifiable as:

If you are unsure which one to use, please contact marketing@uea.ac.uk

Core brand Core brand

UEA logo

The overarching UEA brand. Represents the university as a whole. Where UEA is communicating at an organisational level and not from within a school or department we should always lead with the main UEA logo with a coloured glint.

  • The core brand is used when talking on behalf of the University
  • It can use any colour glint identified in the colour palette, but should avoid a black glint
  • Generally it will be the dominant logo on the page and not used with any other logo unless the context is of a collaboration. Positioning should be in one of the four corners and follow clear space guidance
  • UEA should always be in black or white and never a colour.

This logo is typically used on the following examples:

UEA website / UEA wide recruitment material i.e. prospectus / Annual report / Court / Congregation / Corporate social media channels / Press release

Core brand extension Core brand extension

UEA logo examples with extension

Aligns closely with the core brand and operates as an entity that supports the overarching strategic needs of the university, yet recognises the message is coming from a department within the university. Use where communication is coming from a school or department that needs to be identified as part of the communication.

  • A core brand extension is used to identify the department that is talking within the University
  • The department should always be locked to the logo and not used independently
  • There are three layouts to choose from. Side by side, stacked and stacked alternative
  • Do not add any design elements to the departmental identity
  • For internal and external comms always lock to the full UEA logo.

Faculty/School level recruitment material, Departmental level printed material, University funded research groups/projects

Sub brand Sub brand

Example of UEA sub brand

A department or division within the university where a strategic need has been identified to indicate a level of individuality to meet business need. Departments or divisions are still part of university output through funding or supported through UEA employees.

  • Sub brands should be used in conjunction with the UEA logo where practical and be presented as a locked logo
  • If locking the logo is not possible the sub brand should not be used independently and should feature on the same page as the main UEA logo. They should use the UEA colour palette or be sympathetic to the colour palette so that they work with the UEA logo
  • They should have relevant approval before being created
  • If used independently they should have clear guidance agreed for how they work with the UEA logo as the lead brand
  • Sub brands should always be professionally created. Please do not design without expert advice.

Research Groups (multi-institution collaboration or externally funded research projects), Careers Central

Independent brand Independent brand

Sportspark, INTO, Norwich Research Park, UEASU and Sainsbury Centre logos

An entity that has a connection to UEA through location or partnership, but is for all intents and purposes a stand-alone and separately managed entity, which has a business need to have it’s own visual identity.

  • Independent brands will use their own guidelines and are not managed under the UEA brand framework
  • They should not be locked with the UEA logo without permission from UEA
  • If they are to be used within UEA owned materials they will be used with permission and presented within UEA style guidelines
  • Independent brands are generally not used for UEA projects or UEA activity. Relevant approval is required before developing if the brand relates to UEA funded activity through cost or resource
  • Independent brands need considerable guidance and should approach a professional to help with the creation of such an identity.

Spin-out companies, consultancy group, INTO, on-campus catering, Students Union

Partnering with other logos Partnering with other logos

When partnered with another brand’s logo, broadly speaking there are two sizing rules:

Working with a landscape partner logo

If the partner logo is landscape, make sure it is no taller than the UEA logo.

Example of partnered UEA logo

Working with a portrait partner logo

If it is portrait, make sure the height doesn’t exceed the width of the UEA (if it was on its side).

Example of partnered UEA logo

Always separate the two elements using a thin rule. The rule should sit at least one glint’s width from the UEA logo.

Descriptor logos Descriptor logos

Descriptors identify UEA faculties, schools or services and require a lock-up. Lock-ups vary depending on the design layout and their context.

For example, a t-shirt design might need a different descriptor lock-up layout to a building sign. We use three types of logo and descriptor lock-ups:

Always use approved descriptors. If one doesn’t exist contact publications@uea.ac.uk.

Descriptors should always use University of East Anglia for both internal and external audiences.

Core logo with ‘side-by-side’ descriptor

Good for: the majority of communications

Examples of UEA logo descriptors

  1. Divide the UEA logo into 4 as shown.
  2. Position the descriptor the width of two glints from the edge of the UEA logo.
  3. Add a thin rule from the top of the UEA logo to the baseline of the ‘University of East Anglia.’

Core logo with ‘stacked’ descriptor

Good for: small spaces

Example of UEA logo descriptors

  1. Size the descriptor using the cap height in the ‘University of East Anglia’
  2. Position the descriptor the height of one glint from the baseline of the ‘University of East Anglia’.
  3. Add a thin rule between them.
  4. Centre the descriptor copy or align to the left.

Horizontal logo with ‘stacked’ descriptor

Good for: small spaces

Example of UEA logo descriptors

  1. Size the descriptor using the lower case height of the ‘University of East Anglia’
  2. Position the descriptor the height of two glints from the baseline of the ‘University of East Anglia.’
  3. Add a thin rule between them.
  4. Centre the descriptor copy

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