Social media Social media

For social media account branding we use bespoke artwork designed to reflect the guidelines earlier in this document.

UEA social media channels


  • create artwork or use images in line with the guidance given for each audience
  • carefully review the specification for each social media platform and create appropriately sized imagery
  • prioritise PNG files and low file sizes to avoid aggressive compression artefacts being introduced by the social media site reducing your file sizes.


  • randomly crop existing artwork to fit the spaces provided
  • mix and match the styles in this document. Consider the main audience for your account or page and use the correct identity style and tone.

Digital banners Digital banners

When creating banner ads and MPUs ensure you apply the rules for style and tone and the artwork rules for your given audience group.

Postgraduate MPU example

Postgraduate mpu example

Undergraduate Leaderboard example

Undergraduate leaderboard example

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