Logo placement Logo placement

UEA logos should only be placed top left or top right on websites, top left being the standard and preferred route. Top right is only allowed only where it is impossible to use the logo top left.

See guidance on overall logo usage.

Example of logo placement on digital

Online colours Online colours

Please go to our asset bank where you’ll find our full brand guidelines including online colours. 

Using colours Using colours

Only one brand colour should be used on screen at once.

On UEA sites colour is used to highlight sections or to draw the eye to points of interest.

Do – pick one accent colour and use as shown on page 68.

Don’t – use multiple accent colours on screen at once.

Example of using colour on UEA website

If you’re creating longer scrolling pages with larger blocks of content, e.g. parallax landing pages. It is permissible to use more than one brand colour – but only if these are separated by blocks of white, black or grey, and scroll so that only one brand colour appears on screen at once.

Example of using colour

Typography and fonts Typography and fonts

When creating anything for online, typography should be considered for clarity and legibility.

In most cases we use Brandon Text Black for headlines and titles and Brandon Text Regular for supporting information.

Brandon text

In cases where it might not be suitable to use either of these two weights then the Bold or Medium weights may be used.

Brandon text

Arial Regular is always used for body copy for legibility and accessibility.

Arial text

Using the glint Using the glint

Avoid using the UEA glint as part of site designs.

Even where it is used, ensure it will never be shown on the screen at the same time as an image or artwork location that might also use the glint.

Never show a glint on the same screen as artwork which involves the glint.

The rules for using the UEA glint still apply online.

Example of using the glint on website

Supergraphics and artwork Supergraphics and artwork

Supergraphics, if you have them, can be used in image positions on sites with striking results.

Do not crop supergraphics into thumbnails, ensure they are appropriately reworked and scaled by the designer who created them.

Example of supergraphics on website

Each audience group Each audience group

If these guidelines are followed correctly, there should be no need to change site designs to accommodate UG and PG styles. This can be achieved by using artwork in image locations and ensuring appropriate style and tone within copy writing.

Undergraduate example

Audience group undergraduate example

Postgraduate example

Postgraduate audience example

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