Filming at the University of East Anglia Filming at the University of East Anglia

Positioned in over 270 acres of parkland, and with excellent examples of 17th century, Brutalist and modern architecture, UEA offers a unique and picturesque filming location.

UEA's campus is featured in TV programmes, feature films, documentaries, dramas and photo shoots including scenes from the latest Avengers movie, BBC Antiques Roadshow, Escape to the Country and the album cover for The Streets 'Computers and Blues'.

To apply to use the University as a location please complete the relevant application form below and return to

Non - UEA Applicants

If you are external to the University please complete the application form below:

Filming and Photography Application Form

UEA Student Applications

If you are a student currently studying at UEA please complete the application form below:

UEA Student Application


For any filming taking place at UEA, a risk assessment should be completed and included with your application.

Further information relating to costs and charges can be accessed through the relevant application form. Please note we will acknowledge all applications within 3-5 working days.

Use of drones is not permitted at UEA.