Accommodation Support Accommodation Support

Whilst you live in UEA residences, the UEA Accommodation Office is your landlord and are here to provide help and support, should you require it. Please also remember that the Student Support Service offers support and advice to all UEA students.

You can find some common accommodation issues below, but if you have further questions or your query is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

What to do if... What to do if...


There is a fault in your room or kitchen

If there is a fault or maintenance issue, please contact the Estates Helpdesk, which coordinates the work of the University’s maintenance teams. Their phone number is 01603 592121, and their email address is

You are having problems with your flatmates/noise

If you are having problems getting along with your flatmates (for example, if they are noisy at night), please contact your Accommodation Warden. Your warden’s contact details are displayed in your kitchen. It is useful to report the noise at the time it is happening rather than waiting until the next day.

Your warden will be able to report any ongoing issues to the Student Support Service on your behalf. If you are concerned about your safety, please contact security immediately on 01603 592353

If your flatmate has an unauthorised guest or an authorised guest for longer than 3 nights, please feel free to contact us anonymously.

You have lost your campus card

If you have lost your campus card, you should first try to find it. Check with the Security Lodge if you think you have lost your card on campus.

If you are unable to find your card, you need to go to Campus Card Services in the Library to order a new one.

If you have ordered a new card and need a temporary access card for your residence, please come to the Accommodation Office to borrow one.

You are having problems paying your accommodation fees

If you are having problems paying your accommodation fees, you need to contact the Finance Office. The office is located in the Registry building, and is open for enquiries 09:30 – 15:30 on weekdays. Alternatively, you can phone the office on 01603 592686, or email

You should also contact the Finance team in the Student Support Service who may be able to offer financial support.

Please note that non-payment of accommodation fees may result in late fees being levied and eviction from residences. 

You are locked out of your residence

If you are locked out of your residence during office hours, you need to come to the Accommodation Office to borrow a key or access card. The office is open 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday (closed 10:30 – 12:00 noon on Thursdays). You need to come to the office yourself – for security reasons, we cannot issue keys or access cards to anyone other than the resident.

If you are locked out of your residence outside office hours, you need to go to the Security Lodge (open 24 hours a day, year-round).

It is part of the terms and conditions of licence that you must keep your room and flat secure. UEA staff including cleaners and maintenance will lock your room when they leave, even if the room was initially unlocked. To avoid being locked out, please lock your door and take your key with you whenever you leave your room. 

The internet is not working

If the Eduroam internet in your room is not working, you should first check the service status online or at the IT helpdesk. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you will need to speak to the IT service desk. If you are unable to contact them by email, you can go to see them in the Library. You may also be able to access public Wi-Fi 'The Cloud' temporarily.

If the problem is with Wi-Fi only, you may be able to use a wired Ethernet connection. To connect to the network using a wired network, you will need to have your device registered by the UEA IT department. To do this, you can email the IT team, providing the wired MAC address of the device you would like to register. If you are unsure of how to find this, you can ask the UEA IT department or take your device to the IT helpdesk in the UEA library.

If you are having problems with a specific device, please speak to the IT helpdesk.

You are planning to withdraw from your course or interrupt your studies at UEA

If you are planning to withdraw or interrupt your studies, you should first speak with the staff in your Learning and Teaching Service Hub.

Once you have started that process, you need to come to the Accommodation Office to fill in a Termination of Licence request form. The Accommodation Office is open 09:00 – 17:00 Monday to Friday, but closed 10:30 – 12:00 noon on Thursdays.

When you leave University residence, you need to return your key to the Accommodation Office. If you leave outside office hours, you can return the key using the deposit safe in the office foyer, which is accessible 24 hours a day.

Once we have received your key and confirmation that you have withdrawn or taken an interruption to studies, we will credit you for any unused nights of your accommodation licence. We cannot arrange the credit until we have received confirmation that the administrative process is complete.

You need an accommodation reference letter for a private landlord/agency

We are able to provide reference letters to assist with private accommodation applications. Before we can send this information, we require your permission to release your information to a private landlord/agency. You can email your permission to our office. 

Please note that if you have had serious disciplinary issues or late payment of accommodation fees we will reserve the right to not provide a reference letter. 

You want to move out and cancel your accommodation licence

(If you are withdrawing or interrupting your studies please see the advice above)

Once you sign your accommodation licence, you are bound to pay your accommodation fees for the duration of the contract. There are a number of options open to you if you would like to move out and cancel your accommodation contract early:

  1. Cancel the room within 7 days of the licence start date. You will need to pay for the nights from the start of the licence to the date you cancel the licence.
  2. Find another UEA student who is not currently living in UEA accommodation or accommodation managed by UEA to take over your room. The Accommodation Office reserves the right to refuse a room takeover, typically to ensure diversity within flats.
  3. Vacate the room and return the key to the Accommodation Office. You will remain liable for the rent until it can be let by the Accommodation Office or you find a suitable student to take over the licence. Please note that unallocated rooms will be offered to new students before rent liable rooms.

If you would like to apply to cancel your accommodation contract, please fill out a termination of licence form. These are available from the Accommodation Office in Nelson Court.