Life in UEA accommodation Life in UEA accommodation

On these pages you’ll find everything you need to know for an enjoyable experience living in our residences.

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Top Tips Top Tips

Get to know your Senior Resident (SR)

Your Senior Resident is an older student who is responsible for the welfare of the flat. They will introduce themselves in the first week, and you should contact them if you have any issues within your flat.

Keep your room and flat secure

Lock your room when you leave it, and make sure you have your key on your person at all times. Please note that for security reasons, UEA staff including cleaners and maintenance will lock your room when they leave, even if the room was initially unlocked. To avoid being locked out, please take your key with you whenever you leave your room.

When leaving the flat, make sure your flat door is closed and locked and only allow entry to people you know.

Keep your flat tidy

Your bedroom and all communal areas should be kept tidy at all times. Your cleaner will clean the kitchen and empty the recycling bin in your bedroom provided that these areas are clear.

Report maintenance issues

If you have any maintenance issues in your room or flat, please report these to the Estate Helpdesk by email or phone (01603 592121).

cooking in residences cooking in residences

For help and inspiration, we asked our student residents to submit recipes made in UEA residences using the cooking facilities provided. Please feel free to download and use the student cookbook, "A Taste of UEA Residences".


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