Information regarding UEA's stucture and staff Information regarding UEA's stucture and staff

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (HUM)

Art, Media & American Studies (AMA)
Dr M. Mclaughlin (Interim) (01.07.2016-30.06.2018)

History (HIS)
Professor K. Cubitt (31.08.2022)

Politics, Philosophy and Language and Communication Studies (PPL)
Professor Lee Marsden (2019)

Professor Alan Finlayson is covering Professor Marsden's Study Leave period from 03.07.2017 to 02.02.2018.

Literature, Drama and Creative Writing (LDC)
Professor P. Kitson (31.08.2017) / Professor Alison Donnell (31.08.2022)

Interdisciplinary Institute for the Humanities
Dr L. Powell (Interim) (01.09.2016-31.08.2017)


Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMH)

Norwich Medical School of the University of East Anglia (MED)
Professor M. Frenneaux (31.12.2020)

Health Sciences (HSC)
Professor R. Jowett (31.08.2021)


Faculty of Science (SCI)

Biological Sciences (BIO)
Professor T. Dalmay (31.12.2018)

Chemistry (CHE)
Professor M. Searcey (31.12.2019)

Computing Sciences (CMP)
Professor G. Parr (21.08.2021)

Environmental Sciences (ENV)
Professor K. Hiscock (2018)

Mathematics (MTH)
Professor D. Stevens (2017) / Professor S. Stevens (31.12.2020)

Pharmacy (PHA)
Professor M. Searcey (31.12.2020)


Faculty of Social Science (SSF)

Economics (ECO)
Dr E. Lazarova (2022)

Education and Lifelong Learning (EDU)
Professor R. Andrews (05.07.2021)

International Development (DEV)
Dr J.F. McDonagh (2018)

Law (LAW)
Professor A. Stephan (2022)

Norwich Business School (NBS)
Professor P. Dobson (30.07.2020)

Psychology (PSY)
Professor K. Coventry (2021)

Social Work (SWK)
Professor J. Dickens (2021)