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We want you to make the most of our stock so the number of books you can borrow has increased. Read on to find out what your new allocation is! You will no longer pay daily fines for bringing a book back late - but if you fail to return a book promptly when it has been requested, you'll still have to pay for a replacement copy. Most items will now be issued for a week at a time and will renew automatically after that time (unless the item has been requested by another user). To supplement the Library's existing search system, a new enhanced book search has been added. Look out for Books+ on the Library homepage.


If you need any assistance or have any questions about the new Library System please contact the Library Helpdesk on or 01603 59 2993.

If you have any comments or feedback on the new Library System please email

frequently asked questions frequently asked questions

How has Library Search changed?

We now have a Search Everything tab which brings together the best aspects of two systems:

  • The Library’s previous Ebsco EDS Library Search, for searching all library materials, including books, ebooks, journal articles, etc., combined with...
  • The new OCLC WorldCat interface which is especially good for books, ebooks and finding materials at other libraries.

Library users are encouraged to use the Search Everything tab as the default option and click on the View and/or Request button when you find what you are looking for or if you wish to place a Request. Since we have now introduced Automated Renewals, we strongly recommend placing requests on items you need that are on loan to ensure you get hold of a copy.

Sometimes you may move between the two systems during a particular search. If you get lost, click on the UEA logo on the top left of the screen and you will return to the Library Portal search screen (please note you may have to re-submit your search).


What's the difference between Search Everything and the Books+ tabs?

Books+ is a more in depth book search allowing you to see more clearly where the Library has both print and ebook versions of a title. It includes records from other libraries using the OCLC Worldcat database. You can still find these records in Search Everything but some users may prefer this interface if they are just looking for books. 

Watch the video below to find out how to look up a book using Library Search-

Watch the video below to find out how to look up an article using Library Search-

Why have you changed the system twice in a few weeks?

On 1 August we had to go live with two separate tabs, one for Books and one for Journal Articles.

We then carried out extensive user testing and the overwhelming feedback was a request to restore a unified Search Everything option which was restored on 16th September.

The ‘Journal articles’ only tab has now been removed because the Search Everything option includes journal articles by default.  If you have now got used to the ‘Journals article’ only option, that option is still available by clicking on a radio button marked ‘Journal articles’ just below the search box. If you select that when using the Search Everything tab, you will just see journal article results.

My Account

As before you are able to manage your Library account online, now via the My account feature. This is available from the Library home page and within Library Search. Log in to your account to check what you have on loan and check on requests you have placed. You will also need to login to your account to Request items. Your login is your usual UEA login.



How do I make a request for an item?

With automatic renewals, users will be able to keep a book as long as they need it, so if you need it too you NEED TO REQUEST IT so that it is returned for you to use.

If an item you need is not available YOU WILL NEED TO REQUEST IT. Once you've found the item on Library Search, click the View and/or Request button. If you are not logged in already you will be prompted to do this. Your login is your usual UEA login. When requesting an item you will be able to choose where to collect it from - for most people this will be 'Main Library'.

Once the item you have requested is returned to the Main Library you will be able to collect it from the Requests shelf in the High Demand area on floor 0. All the information you need will be in the email notification you receive once the item is ready for you to collect. If you need any help, please speak to Library staff.



How many items can I borrow?

As part of the process of updating our Library System we have taken the opportunity to increase the number of books and items that Library users are entitled to borrow.  These changes have been made to reflect the different needs of each type of user and are based on feedback we have received and comparisons with other universities.

This year you can borrow more books:

  Last academic year This academic year (from 1 August 2019)
Staff and Research Postgraduate 20 35
Taught Postgraduates 15 25
Undergraduate 10 20

Have the loan lengths changed?

Although we have 2 loan lengths - 7 days for all Normal Loans and 3 Days for High Demand items - all loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user or until your membership ends.

Please use the resources while you have them and then return them once you no longer need them. Some items are still reference copies for use in the Library.

Do we still get vacation loans?

We will still have Vacation Loans, which means that any Normal Loan items borrowed during a vacation will not be due back until after vacation. So, this year any 7 day items you borrow from the 1st August until mid-September will not be due back until the week beginning 23rd September. From the 23rd September items will begin to automatically renew, every 7 days, unless they have been requested by another user.

3 Day Loan items are excluded from the Vacation Loan scheme so you are advised not to take these away over the vacation period.  However from the 1st August if you borrow 3 Day items they will automatically renew unless requested by another user. If a 3 Day item is requested you will be emailed to let you know it needs to be returned.

If you require an item that is out on loan during vacation, please speak to the Library Helpdesk who will do their best to obtain an alternative copy for you.

To maximise the circulation of stock, we urge you return to the Library all items that you do not need over the vacation and only keep out anything essential.

Will I still get email notifications from the library?

You will now receive two types of email notification from the library. These will come from the email address  It is really important to look out for these as they will often require you take action.  You will receive an email if a book is requested from you – the email will contain a date by which to bring it back. If you cannot bring it back by that date please get in touch with the Library Helpdesk as soon as possible on or phone 01603 592993. You will also receive an email receipt for books and items you have checked in (returned).


You will no longer receive emails reminding you to renew items, as your items will automatically renew unless requested by another user who needs them.


Will I still be able to access e-resources?

Yes, the new system gives enhanced access to e-books and e-journals. Our Library Access bowser tool is also worth downloading. Further information on how the Library Access tool can help you access our online resources can be found here.

What does the Library Management System do?

Our Library Management System allows borrowing and returning, controls access on e-resources, purchases new materials, supports interlibrary loans, holds information for Library Search and so much more.

Why are you making the changes?

The previous library system, Aleph, had become a legacy system so we had little choice but to update to a newer system.

Is there anything External/SCONUL members need to do?

You will have received an email from us in March if your external/access only/SCONUL membership was due to expire within the embargo period (1 May - 30 September) advising you on what to do. New SCONUL applications are now being accepted, and new external borrower applications will be accepted from October. 

Where has the traditional catalogue gone?

The Aleph library catalogue has gone and is now completely replaced by the OCLC WorldCat interface. A traditional catalogue is no longer available as we can now offer an enhanced book search option through Library Search. The closest to the traditional catalogue experience is probably using the Books+ tab.

The Library Helpdesk staff are happy to assist you with using Library Search.

Background information Background information

We have been using our current Library Management System (LMS) to manage the processes around the acquisition, cataloguing and circulation of library materials for over 17 years.  The system was designed around the management of print materials and is no longer fit for purpose for a 21st century library where the majority of our expenditure is on the online library. 

A new generation of Library Services Platform (LSP) has been developed in recent years which has been designed around digital as well as print resources.   These new platforms offer more flexibility and will allow us to streamline our operations and be more responsive to the changing needs of our users.

Following a formal procurement and tender exercise OCLC were awarded the contract to supply the Library with their WorldShare Management Services Platform.

The move to our new platform will necessitate changes to some of our workflows and also some changes for users of the Library.