Frequently asked questsions Frequently asked questsions

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding further measures in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, UEA’s Library building is now closed.  The Digital Library and helpdesk services remain available online.      


Why have you closed? 

Because, in line with government guidance, we can no longer keep the UEA Main Library building open, nor its satellite at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital


What about the books I have out on loan? 

We've just instigated Vacation Borrowing, which means anything you have borrowed will not be required back until this ends.  Vacation Borrowing status will remain in place until the crisis is over.  Remember there are no fines to worry about and if your account gets automatically blocked, we can unblock it for you (just email – we are still here for you behind the scenes. 


What alternatives are there? 

 Our Digital Library is very much open and there are a huge number of online resources available to you. Find out more at this new page:  These pages should have links to everything you need as well as contact details for your Academic Librarians.   


What about access to physical books? 

Whilst the physical books in the Library building remain inaccessible, where possible and available for libraries to purchase, we will look to buy an e-book version for you or suggest an alternative title.


Need help? or contact your Academic Librarian. Find out more:  


Library IT Suites 

These are now closed.  Please note that provision is being made via the student hardship fund to meet the needs of students who have no device on which to access online learning and potentially assessment.  More details 


Further information 

Our email helpdesk, will be open Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00 to answer any questions.



Will there be more e-books and other electronic resources?

Yes, we are looking at options to make more e-books, journals and other resources available to help you study from home. Many publishers are making their resources freely available for the next few months so you may find that items you need are more readily available. Please be aware that these resources will be made available on a temporary basis. We will be pointing to these via our Guide on remote access to library resources during the Covid-19 outbreak


Are e-books available?

Yes, and many publishers are making e-books that we already own easier to access by larger groups of students. Use Library search to find the e-book that you need. Enter your keywords and then on the right look for “show results for” and choose e-books.


Can I still recommend books to be purchased?

Yes, if an e-book is available we can purchase it and make it available within a few days. If a book is not available for academic libraries to buy as an e-book, we can order print books, but we won’t be able to make them available to borrow for the time being. Please make requests using the book suggestion form:  (Please note that not everything available as an ebook on Amazon or via the Norfolk public library's Overdrive service is available for academic libraries to buy.)


The book I want is on the catalogue in print, can we get the e-book?

We will do our best to purchase an e-book if it is available for academic libraries to purchase in this format. Please request the book you need here:


Can I still make interlending requests?

Requests can still be made and we are trying to maintain a service for digital resources. Further information


Can I still get books digitised?

No, we are not able to digitise from our own collections and the British Library have suspended their digitisation service so this is not possible. 


I can’t find any e-books on my topic, what should I do?

If you have concerns about specific items which you are unable to access, please contact your school’s Academic Librarian. You can find their contact details on the subject pages:


I am trying to complete an assignment and need some advice on the library resources. Who can help me?

Support remains available from your school’s Academic Librarian for literature searching and making the most of the Library's online resources. Contact your Academic Librarian in the first instance to for support by email or to arrange a 1:1 via skype. You can find their contact details on our subject pages: