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Exam preparations Exam preparations

If exams contribute towards your final mark, it is essential that you are well prepared for them.

There are some helpful links below and in the boxes to the left for you when getting ready for your exams:

- The regulations you must read and understand before taking an exam at the University
- Guidance on how to prepare and what to expect on the day of the exam
- Procedures for requesting individual arrangements and concessions
- Getting your results and reassessment

Students Students

Learning and Teaching Service (LTS)

The Learning and Teaching Service (LTS) deals with all aspects of academic life such as registration; enrolment on modules; assessments; quality assurance issues; regulations and concessions.

The PGR Office looks after students completing research-based postgraduate degrees.

Get to know your Hub

There are four student Hubs. The hubs are staffed from 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday (except for University closures such as Bank Holidays).

Student Charter

Read the new Student Charter.

IT Service Status IT Service Status


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  •  Minor Issue
  •  Major Issue
  •  Planned Maintenance

PC Availability PC Availability

Key Contacts Key Contacts

IT Helpdesk

01603 592345 (ext 2345)

Library Helpdesk

01603 592993 (ext 2993)

Estates Helpdesk (24/7)

01603 592121 (ext 2121)

Campus Security

01603 592352 (ext 2352)
(emergency 01603 592222)


01603 456161 (ext 0)